Noaareport not recording daily input snow


For some reason, when I input snowfall under “input daily weather,” weather display shows my snow on the main screen, but does not put it in the noaareport HTML file. It does put “SNOW” in the conditions column, but the number of inches is always zero. Any idea why this is happening? I didn’t have this problem last season, but I have updated WD over the summer.


are you instead refering to the detailed climate report?

Oh, current WD version is 10.37Q b72

Yes, sorry windy. Am not at my computer now so couldn’t confirm the file name. It is the detailed report. I have tried regenerating it and it doesn’t fix the problem.

I would first update to the latest version of WD
also make sure you do not have set to log snow as soil temperature, under input daily weather

Thanks windy. I updated to the latest build. What log file stores the daily inputted snow that the detailed climate report shows? I need to add past snowfall for November.

The last (fifth) column of the myyyylg2.txt file has the snowfall amounts. Use cm, not inches.

Thanks Murry. Do you know what the time span per row of that logfile is? How I can determine, for example, which row corresponds to November 4th?


There is one row per day. So November 4 should be the fourth row (not including the header row).