NOAA warnings won't turn off

NOAA warnings (ver 7) will not go back to NO CURRENT ADVISORIES after expiration of warning.
Using the following from tagslist:
%NOAAEvent%…if you have setup the Noaa warning system (if no warning, then it will be NO CURRENT ADVISORIES)

Same here - Feb 29th - 10.37S Build 151

These are %NOAAEvent% and %noaawarningraw% from my WD 10.37S151 Feb 29.

%NOAAEvent% is showing the last alert from earlier in the week. It did not reset to “No Current Warnings”

You can manually delete the warning in the registry, but WD should be doing that for you. I have let Brian know.

I see the setting.
It’s in the wdisplay.ini file under “[Last noaa event]”

[Last noaa event]
value=Wind Advisory

This doesn’t appear to be working as the original text “Wind Advisory” is still present, even after restarting and waiting 15 minutes.

It might also need to be deleted from the registry.

This is what I had to do as noted in my last post. REGEDIT.EXE.

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\wdisplayftp.ini\Noaa xml warning

The registry instructions worked - thanks !


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Hopefully Brian can fix the issue. Gotta be careful when in Widows Reg,

Exactly which key did you delete? The whole Noaa XML Warning tree or just one entry?

Thanks, Jim

Just the text that has the expired warning in it whatever that may be Winter weather advisory flood alert etc. Click on the key to bring up the field and then just delete the field

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Just loaded the 3/9 Weather Display update.

My area has a current NOAA alert (Flood Watch).
I’ll report back once the alert is over.

WD should set the alert back to "“NO CURRENT ADVISORIES”, without me having to edit the registry.


The new version (March 9) works perfectly, thanks !

Not resetting…when advisory expires.( to say NO CURRENT ADVISORIES)…WILL display new advisories OK

If you’re using the latest version of WD, that some have reported fixes this problem, then you should report this to Brian by email.

Thanks for your message. I already have informed Brian

I am testing a new zip for wd warning xml and dll…

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Is there a specific tag we need to use ,or will %NOAAEvent% be okay, I also see %noaawarningraw%
but I believe this one also includes the full text.

Here is the new zip for the fix thanks to Brian…

Works just fine now…just reset my current flood warning that just expired back to no current advisories…

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The fix will take care of the NOAA WARNING expiration reset