NOAA Reports

the daily NOAA report as well as the daily report isn’t uploading automatically . The email of the NOAA works fine. I can manually upload it by clicking on the “Show the extermes for month” button and that does work.

Not a big issue, but thought it should be mentioned.

Joe :wink:

mine is uploading ok

make sure the switch is ON under view, averages/extreme

BUT it does it at 5 minutes past midnight, so you pc must be running overnight (or at 5 minutes past 9 am if you have 9am reset time selected under setup, units)

yours is so much warmer than mine. :lol:

The switches are set right . considering all that has happened, it has to be something within the OS on my machine. I can get the same report when I click on send now near the switch. I can live with this. No big thing.