NOAA report winds?

I’m still thinking that a NOAA daily report winds should give overall average for day, and max wind gust for the day instead of max average for the day. At least that is what it seems in NOAA reports I see elsewhere.

Anyone else know the standard here?

i will look into this soon
and your other request you wanted on the us navy metar setup
just catching up on 2 years worth of farm work!

Thanks for the metar added data entry enhancement. When you get a chance, think about putting a checkbox in there to control the AUTO label in the output. Once added data such as cloud types, etc. has been added, it is really no longer AUTO. (It plots different in Digital Atmosphere maps - square vs. round)

No rush. Take care of that farm!


its only auto if you have a ASOS station…

It should default to AUTO when, generally the station is generating the metar with no additional data by human observer. But if data is being “augmented” (NOAA term) by human input, then the AUTO should not be there. I used to augment data at an ASOS site in Michigan.

I know this would mean the user would need to check and uncheck the AUTO box (if created) when entering or leaving the wx station, but that shouldn’t be a problem, at least to gain the accuracy in report status.

Just background info.


at the moment, if a asos station in use (hte us navy are going to soon be using wd in about 80 stations worldwide), it will use the metar generated by the asos station…
but yes i suppose a dont use this metar and instead use my own manula input could be put there,(at the moment its one or the other )
thanks for the input :slight_smile:
i will check out what i have done with the noaa gust soon

done this now, vers 9.38a
it now uses the max gust instead of the average for the highest wind speed.
sorry it took me so long to get around to changing
it is restrospective