NOAA Report Stopped Updating [RESOLVED, build 99-> custom log file in use]

I read through posts but have not been able to get my NOAA to update (use to work). Under View Average/Extremes I have specified to update the month of Oct but it doesn’t show the 10. If I go to view selected date (Oct 10) then it shows fine. I don’t have anything which runs on my crons between 1200 and 1230. Any ideas?




I just checked and I’m seeing the same thing. I suspect a minor tweak by Brian will fix that since the data is there.

  • Jim

I noticed my Monthly Climate data had stopped on the 6th. Tried to access the Noaa screen and it wouldn’t load, like it was hung so I closed and restarted WD and then when I accessed the Screen and updated the month all the data was populated. (Build 65 at the time, upgraded afterwards to Build 95)


Having pretty much the same problem here. Running b95.

Note that my Monthly Climate stooped on day 6 of the Month and that was after two months of no problems so I believe it was a matter of something just getting hung and like i said restarting WD fixed the data. I upgraded after it had been fixed.


I pretty much keep up will all the new builds, so WD gets restarted frequently.

So yours is working OK now?

I’m on 10.37P Build 95 and I have exited out of WD and started it back up several time as well as doing a reboot a couple of times and I have no success with the NOAA report updating. This also effects the detailed reports (temp, wind, rain) web pages since the dailynoaareport doesn’t get updated.

Bob…You may want to check this out tomorrow as your data was restored before you upgraded


Sounds familiar, John. Will post if I find anything.

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Using build 95, mine seems to be fine.


Well, send some of that pixie dust my way, James! :smiley:

Same problem here…from some days I have to manually upload the noaa file to updates my report… :frowning:

My Climatedata file updated normally last night.


Hi Bob,
Which version of WD do you have?
With build 91 my report doesn’t upload anymore


Build 95.


I have made a change, which helped on the Mac and Linux versions, by having the averages/extremes window in memory all the time

in build 96

this should help alot
(also means it a bit faster when going to view, averages/extremes, and faster when the averages/extremes, noaa reports are updated )

it does mean that WD uses a bit more memory though

I have tested and it works here
(when before I was getting some problems on my low speced PC)

Will put it up right now and let you know.


I havent been having any problems with the NOAA reports, been regularly updating with the builds too.

I updated to b96 and I still have issues with the NOAA report, Avg/Extremes, and Detailed Climate not updating. For the 12th if I go into the Avg/Extreme and select to look at the individual day of the 12th the data is there.


Still having the problem…everyday after midnight I have to manually upload the noaa…I tried to upgrade to the newest version but nothing happened…

all the reports updated auto here OK with build 96
do you have any errors under view, program event log?
do you have set to update the noaa reports under view, averages/extremes, internet update?
and the averages/extremes reports under ftp/internet setup, upload times?