NOAA Forecast Problem - Help!

All of a sudden I’m getting a strange forecast presentation on my dashboard - see the attached.
I went back and checked the NOAA printable forecast links in Settings.php and advforecast.php to make sure they are correct.
NOAA’s page shows correctly…

Everything has been working just fine…I haven’t changed or adding anything new…

Sure could use some help and suggestions on what might be causing this problem.




Seems to be OK now but I can’t tell u why #-o hate when things stop working and then all of a sudden resume without understanding what caused the problem

Has anyone seen anything like my attachment before?


It was working okay when I just checked your website. If/when it happens again, go to your forecast page and it will probably be blank asking if you want to force an update. Click to update, and the forecast will normally be refreshed.

Thanks good input, I’ll keep it in mind!