NOAA and Monthly reports not updating Build 149

I updated to the latest Build 149 using Windows 7 and as the title suggests the NOAA and Monthly reports have not updating since. What should i be checking in order to get this running again.


No idea - maybe Windows 7?

You may have to e-mail Brian direct.

are the files being updated in the webfiles folder running WD

Looks like the 13th of September was the last update before i updated to version 149

which version were you using before 149 and did you update with full or zip version

Version was from 2021 but not sure of the number and i used the zip to update.

Suggest you try the full install and see if that solves the problem if not try switching back to the older version to see if that gets it going
If you have not got it there is a build 131 full install on the WD download website which is from the end of 2021

I’m running WIN7 & the latest version WD dated Sep 13th (in the downloads menu) & have no problems with the NOAA reports etc. updating in the “View” menu.

Awhile back I went from 10.37R b81 to 37S b149 (update not full) with no issues.
EDIT: It might have been 147 or 8 with subsequent updates after that.

Not much info other than don’t go too nuts trying to fix it - maybe as a last resort of sorts.

Have you tried updating the files in the ‘View> NOAA Reports’ menu? Are they up to date or is it an upload issue not being current?

I went back to Build 131 and now i can view the Noaa Reports which i could not do on Build 149. Probably this has fixed the problem. Hopefully they will upload as expected after Midnight.

131 is a long way back. . . I’m using 145, which is a stable version just before the new compiler, and I think others find it OK too.

See URL - Willowsford Farm, Northern Virginia Weather & Forecasts for downloadable versions of WD: go to Diagnostics, then WD Executables.

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thanks for that. Will give build 145 a try