NOAA and Averages/Extremes Report Daily Precip Report


I received precip in JAN 1 (1.35") and JAN 3 (0.45"), nothing on JAN 2. The log file looks OK and shows no precip in JAN2. However, the web, email, and “view averages/extremes” all show JAN 1’s daily precip total ocurring in both JAN 1 and incorrectly JAN 2 (1.35"). Strange thing is the monthly total for web/email/view averages is correct (1.80").

Any thoughts on this?


P.S. Here’s the web page version of the NOAA Report showing JAN1’s precip duplicated in JAN 2:

I was just about to report the same issue. I had 14mm on Jan 1st, 0 on Jan 2nd and 7mm on Jan 3rd. Yet both the NOAA an “Averages/Extremes for Day” reports show 14mm on Jan 2nd as well as Jan 1st: My log files are correct, this is a bug in the report generation. The rainfall for Jan 1st is being tallied for Jan 2nd as well.


and the cut&paste below.

Averages\Extremes for day :January 2003

Day Temp Wind Gust Rain Max Temp Min Temp Av Hum Av Baro Av Dir Wind run

01 15.3

Last night’s JAN 4th update of the NOAA and Daily summaries both duplicated the rainfall occurring on JAN 3rd (0.45 inch) and reported on JAN 4th (0.45 inch) again.

See this on the following links:

My first and second days of Jan. show the sme rainfall although it didn’t rain the second. It rained the third and fourth, differnt amounts but the NOAA report had the same amount for the third and fourth. The total for the month is correct.


I noticed the total daily precip amount appears to get carried over into the 00:00 (hour:minute) log entry for the next day then is zero’d out in the 00:01 log entry. Below, my precip on JAN1 of 1.35 inch is written into the JAN 2 00:00 row.

01 01 2003 23 59 39.7 100 39.7 29.701 1 0 61 0.00 1.350 1.350 1.350 39.7

02 01 2003 00 00 39.7 100 39.7 29.701 3 7 62 0.00 1.350 1.350 1.350 39.7

02 01 2003 00 01 39.7 100 39.7 29.701 5 7 51 0.00 0.000 1.350 1.350 39.7

I manually corrected the daily precip total to 0.000 for JAN 2 @ 00:00L, saved the line and log, and regenerated the daily and NOAA reports. This appeared to correct the problem! Soooo, if you stop the daily precip total bleed-over into the 00:00 row on the next day, I’ll bet this will resolve this bug.


I did the same as Billybob, but is this going to happen every time it rains or have you fixed it?

This is still giving rain totals the same for the next day if it is dry the day after rain.

01 37.1 43.0 02:50a 33.4 21:31p 27.9 00.0 01.34 03.6 14.0 21:31p NNE
02 27.4 34.2 01:44a 23.4 08:32a 37.6 00.0 01.34 01.0 13.0 01:28a N
03 27.3 30.7 23:59p 23.9 03:39a 37.7 00.0 00.96 00.0 00.0 23:59p
04 30.1 34.3 14:08p 27.4 23:59p 34.9 00.0 00.96 00.0 00.0 23:59p WNW
05 28.2 35.8 13:41p 21.2 03:53a 36.8 00.0 00.26 00.0 00.0 23:59p WSW
06 28.3 34.6 13:40p 25.5 23:59p 36.7 00.0 00.03 00.0 00.0 23:59p SW
07 22.9 26.7 10:36a 16.5 17:22p 42.1 00.0 00.03 00.0 10.0 22:53p WSW
08 31.8 40.1 12:53p 22.8 01:21a 33.2 00.0 00.09 05.1 23.0 13:22p WSW
09 39.5 45.4 10:14a 33.8 20:26p 25.5 00.0 00.09 06.6 29.0 07:58a WSW

Good practice fixing logs?

Actually, I did figure out how to edit the log with minimum effort so the at least the daily reports are OK should you (or the software) hose the daily, monthly or yearly precip. Edit the last logged entry (ex. 23:59L for the daily total) so the daily report generation uses that value.

Now I just have to figure out how to make log generation software use the edited value to sum subsequent precip values…


Daily precip totals still repeating on the day after they occur.

Any fix coming Brian?

WD v9.45e


Hi Brian,

Downloaded and installed 9.49c, went to “Show averages/extremes” menu and looked at both NOAA and Averages/Extremes reports in menu viewer window. The day after dup was removed in the menu window. However, when I click on the “Upload NOAA Report” and “Upload Daily Report” the day after precip duplicate day after precip entries are still there after checking my web page.

I’ll see what happens after the next precip event!


i guess the upload does not update the file to upload
auto should work
i will check on that