No yesterday rain

WD is not storing yesterday rain.
I looked in clientraw.txt and it says “0”. It should be 6.2

clientraw.txt (739 Bytes)

was WD running at the daily reset time? (e.g midnight)?
what version/build of WD?
what weather station type?

Was running at reset time(midnight)
Running most recent build
Weather station is a Davis VP2

Hi All,

I have just the opposite for my Dashboard:

If you look into my Almanac for rain data My September total rain is only 0.06 inches but showing 3.88 inches for this month.

I am using WD b119 and Davis Vantage Pro 2.

Where can I fix this issue?

Recommendations and solutions welcome.


–Stan Y.
Maui, Hawaii

check the month rain total in WD, what is that showing
do make sure the davis console time is the same as the pc if you have set to use console rain total

Thanks Brian for looking there and made the correction and seems to be back on track.

Thanks for the recommendation and suggestion.


–Stan Y.
Maui, Hawaii

Time is (was) correct.

does that mean you do happen to use the console rain total?
(the more detailed information you can provide the better, otherwise I am just guessing and it takes longer for me to provide help)

I did have it selected, I thought I would try to unselect it to see if that changes anything. Still not seeing yesterday rain

unselecting it will not all of a sudden make yesterday rain work
not until you go through a daily reset
the problem is if the console rain total is reset to zero just before WD then sets the daily rain total as yesterday rain then it will not work
which is why I asked is the time on the console the same as the pc
(the console does not provide yesterday rain)

i have made a change that should help where you have set to use the davis console rain total in the latest .zip update