No WMR200 wind data in WD [Resolved]

Which suggests that the anemometer transmitter is either putting out a weaker signal or there’s some new interference in the area. The weaker signal option seems less likely as you’ve used a different anemometer and it’s unlikely that both would have exactly the same problem. Tracking down interference isn’t easy though.

When I get the new solar panel I’ll try that with the old anemo first, then the new one. . .

After that, I’ll start asking 'round the neighbours :roll_eyes:

It could be something in your house. It’s an unpopular way to test, but turn your own electricity off to shut most mains powered things down and see if the problem goes away.

That would mean, at current disruption rates, turning the mains off for about 12 hours (MTBF).

Recent additions here - on the same side of the house - are PurpleAir and Gaia sensors, but I’ve turned them off for long periods with no apparent amelioration.

you may need to play around with the angle of the aerial on the console

At current electricity prices you’ll probably save about £2000 by doing that!

And that’s just the standing charge :slightly_frowning_face:

Had a week where everything looked fine, but now it’s cold I think I’m getting occasional flatlining. . . can be difficult to tell with such light winds.

Anemo has been pretty good since I moved the console, but now getting rain gauge and main temp/hum dropping out occasionally. . .

If sensor transmitters can lose power with age I suppose it’s possible that consoles can lose sensitivity too?

If so, I’m probably SOL. . . I can get most sensors but I doubt I’ll find a new console :slightly_frowning_face:

Might have to think the unthinkable and go Davis :astonished:

(Sorry, John. . .)

You’ve pushed the technology pretty much to its limits!

On the contrary, the technology has pushed me pretty much to my limits :laughing:

P.S. Anyone know if WMR968 console is compatible?

Long story short, my console now shows “green across the board” and WD is getting all the data again.

Had to move the console a bit more because rain gauge kept dropping out, and the main temp/hum sensor had to be pensioned off, but finally I bit the bullet and deployed the new anemo and solar panel. Peace at last :laughing:

In the meantime I bought an Ecowitt GW1102 (separate sensors) as a back-up. Once I’ve learned a bit about the kit I’ll probably run it in parallel to prepare for the day when the WMR200 finally expires. :wink: