No web cam image; no twitter [RESOLVED]

I played with this for two weeks now with no real success. #-o I’m now turning to the WD/WDL gurus who always bailed me out in the past. :help:
My system (and backups) crashed and burned. I restarted/reloaded but can not get a reliable web cam image to upload.
A couple screen shots are attached here.
Anyone have some good pointers on what I forgot or messed up by now?
Do you want to see a log file?

And twitter, no luck at all.


Hi Joe,
We’re going to need more info but I have a few things before that:

  1. The link to your webcamimage.jpg leads to a 404 error (page not found) so that would indicate that there is no file on the server of that name, unless it’s in a sub-folder.
  2. On the webcam setup page that you posted, you have “Use image file instead” ticked under “Use from source”. What image file are you using?
    You have “Restart once on startup” ticked, try unticking that and ticking “Restart regularly”.
    You don’t have anything in the text box (large white box in the bottom left) that says that the program has found the webcam. Normally you will see remarks in that box like when it finds the cam and it gives the webcam type.
  3. Are you getting any webcam images saved in your WD program?
    Can you post your “File Save” page of the webcam setup?
  4. What type of webcam do you have, what operating system and amount of RAM?

In the bottom right hand corner of the screenshot, you’ll see a button marked “setup oauth for first time”. Have you clicked on this to setup Twitter and do you have .NET version 4.0 or above installed on your PC?

If you can answer the questions above and try the setting then we can go further to try & locate the problem. :wink:


Perfect Martin! You hit it exactly right. A few clicks and an update to .net 4.0 (had client version) was what it needed.
Life is good again. :smiley:
Now just to let it run a while to make sure all the scheduled tasks run on time.

Merry Christmas.

Much better now but the web cam image is not updating with the 5 minute frequency I have set.

Here are the latest screen shots. What do I have set wrong? ](*,)

WinXP, 2.4 GHz Dell 4600, 3GB RAM.


If you save your screen captures as .gif’s they will be much easier to read.

Looks like there is an empty line above the file name in List of files to be uploaded?

Not sure that would affect but…?


remove that blank line
and tick, upload these files as well

YES!! All works fine now. Back to normal.
Thanks all!!

Good deal :slight_smile:

Thanks for the follow-up,