No temperature on Client viewer version 4.0

The temperature is missing from the client viewer graph. Wait, on second check its black by default on a black background. Hum… I changed it and it still isn’t showing up? Its definitely not there on last check.

try setting the temperature line colour to other than black
works for me

Tried red, yellow, blue, green, and white and still no temp. I tried shutting down and restarting and still no temps being graphed? Any suggestions?

because no problems here
what about the scale, did you alter that?
high and low temp

I guess the default 30 is a little low when its 50 outside. 30 is probably good for C but not to good for F. Thanks for the help.

it should change auto wehn you use oF
does it not?

I change on the data screen from C to F but the high value remained 30.

i have done some testing, works fine for me, no probems
make sure you click on OK in the top right hand corner after changing the units selection