No Sunset in wxlocal7


I have just noticed that there is no sunset times in my wxlocal7 (Astonomy page)
There is Sunrise, Moonrise and moonset, but no sunset?

Am i the only 1?
Do i just add the appropriate tag for this?

EDIT: tis ok, i just added the tag, thanks for looking though, perhaps others will notice its missing as well :slight_smile:

Strange, wasn’t missing in mine.

yeah thats right its Bashy, its always Bashy :oops: pmsl…

Tis strange why mine was not there, 2 secs, gonna check and original…
Wow, that is more strange, its there in an original from the zip file but
in the original files that i have ina folder its not there, I have never
touched wxlocal7 either, had no reason to untill now…

Oh well one of those lifes little mysteries, or Bashy, always Bashy, prob the latter lol

Thanks for checking though :slight_smile:

I think gremlins love Bashy. :slight_smile:

now thats an understatement if i ever did hear 1 lol
Give it another day or so and im sure i can find the whole family including Gizmo pmsl