No Refresh of graphs automatically

On my main WDL screen I have a graph and I noticed it does not automatically refresh with new data like all of the other dials and data does - you have to hit the explorer’s refresh button to get the graphs to refresh… Is there a way to make the graphs refresh automatically…I thinking the only way is to imbed some html to do an autorefresh - or is there away within WDL…


They should refresh automatically. What’s your WDL page address?


The link is below to my raw graphs page… The data updates on the 5’s even though it looks like it’s every minute (It’s a Meteohub thing)…like 17:05, 17:10, 17:15… If you are on the page at say 17:03 and then it shows an update at 17:05 and you even let it go a minute past to 17:06 - the graphs won’t change until you manually hit the refresh button in explorer…they are frozen until you refresh manually… I have data refresh rate set for 30 seconds in configurator… Thanks!

Well it depends how often Meteohub updates the clientrawhour and clientrawextra files which is where the data is coming from. WD only updates these every 20 minutes. I’ve been watching your site and the Temperature last hour graph certainly updated automatically after about 20 minutes.


That’s interesting - if you look at the 1 hour graphs -that data is updated every 5 mintues on the 5’s and for me they aren’t updating… I’ll try it at work on my xp machines…

But they won’t be updating every 5 mins because WDL is designed for the refresh rates of WD. WDL will only try to get new data every 20 minutes or so.


Ahhhh :slight_smile:

Yes it did refresh at 20 minutes! Perahps in a future release that can be a option to change the refresh rate to less than 20 minutes if graphs are included… My graph data is at 5 min data updates and Boris is looking into making that even at 1 min if we set it up that way… For the time being I have a meta tag work around that can do the refresh automatically if I choose to do it that way…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

OK - I didn’t know that Meteohub updated the clientrawhour and extra files that fast. I’ll make a faster refresh an option for next release.


Awesome! :smiley:

Just consider the extra upload and download traffic you’ll incur by doing this. Just because it’s possible to update data very frequently doesn’t mean that you should do it. Weather tends to be quite static on a minute by minute basis, so is there really any reason to replot gaphs so often?

Completely forgot that an option to refresh quickly exists already. #-o In the WDL Configurator in the Basics tab tick Fast ‘extra’ Refresh. This will increase the clientrawextra and clientrawhour to a 5 minute update rate.


Okay - we can do that - that works!

In terms of frequency - your right - weather is somewhat static and in my case bandwidth is not a problem as the site I’m concerned about (I have two sites) is a remote standalone site that only has a weather station using the bandwidth and I already upload every minute anyway - so it is zero increase in bandwidth…plus we have a lot of members that are really crazy about watching the wind - it’s an RC flying site!

Thanks for the great support! :smiley: