No Picture when mouse is hovering

First! What a Excellent work !! I am impressed

I have tried to get the SteelSeries to work and I have been struggling to get it to work. But it was so much easier after I had updated WDL software to the latest and greatest . I would have saved some hours if I did that from the start. #-o :oops:

But I still have a small problem. I have seen that some of You get history when You hoover the mouse over a gauge. How do You do that ?

Mine is just blank. What am I doing wrong ?


You need to setup WXGraphs, the gauges do not provide any graphs, there are posts on this forum about the process of setting up the WXgraphs package.

Mark, is there a way to use the modern and regularly updated Highcharts instead of the outdated and unsupported JPGraph - which I have not been able to used under PHP 7.x?

Not really, the tooltip uses a simple static image, using HighCharts for a tooltip would be expensive in terms of processing and time. You would need to transfer all the data for the graphs to the client for it to be processed. In this case, server-side image generation is really the best solution. Plus you cannot interact with teh graphs in a tooltip - one of the real features for HighCharts.

If a site is already making available/producing many Highcharts - has the the JavaScript as well as the JSON data for those Highcharts not already been downloaded to the browser/client side?

I guess a new type of JavaScript will have to be developed to replace the JPGraph-produce charts which cannot be rendered under the present release of PHP (ie: 7.x)…

I do not understand your remark. JpGraph is working fine with PHP7 at my testsite, at least when you remove the raising error 13 first in jpgraph.php.

// Make sure PHP version is high enough
if( !CheckPHPVersion(MIN_PHPVERSION) ) {
 #   JpGraphError::RaiseL(13,PHP_VERSION,MIN_PHPVERSION);
 #   die();



Nope. Not for that page. And it depends on how the HighCharts page has been written, many download the required data on the fly for each chart as it is requested. Note they normally take a few seconds to draw - you wouldn’t normally want that delay in tooltips.

WXgraphs isn’t something I wrote, is was already available for WD which doesn’t provide the static images itself.

However feel free to have a go at implementing HighCharts and let us know how it goes, if it works well other people may want to adopt it.

Opps!! The WXGraphs entry on this forum is really loooooooong. Jisses !!

Do I get this correct ?
I need PHP? I got 5.6.17. Is that good enough ?
Apache24 ! Will that work?
And then just download the wxgraphs and jpgraph-3.50b1. Unzipp it to the webfolder
Edit the graphsconf.php
Is that the path for me?

I ask so I dont do the same mistake once more as I did when I foregot to update my WDL software. I whas running on a version that was released the same year they built the stonehenge.