No logfile for 52003?

Started up WD today and it seems it isn’t creating a 52003 logfile . Anyone else notice this ? All I do see in the logfiles directory is a 1.44 Mb file called "40 " . What kind of file is this ? Should it even be there at all :roll: ? I don’t get any data for may in the avergaes / extremes page either , probably due to the fact there is no 52003 logfile :wink:

Davis Vantage pro ( rev b datalogger )
WD 9.74 a ( the one with test button :slight_smile:
windows 2000 pro

it normaly gets created, but downloading the data from the data logger after the month roll over might be the culprit

restart wd and then see if it gets created
it should do the next day at least

Problem solved , in a way anyway , I converted the inf file to a logfile and the 52003 log appeared :slight_smile: Still wondering what this 1.44 Mb file going by the name "40 " is .It sure isn’t a normal logfile as I can’t open it with notepad and couldn’t make out the content using the hex-editor Hackman.Can I safely delete this file ?

yes you can delete it
i guess it might have been a bad attempt and creating a new .inf or something