No Indoor Temperature Reading

I’m confused - WD, which is installed on my main PC) does not appear to show the indoor temperature reading although the label “Indoor Temp” is there. I checked incase the colour of the data was the same as the background colour … but in doing so, I found that the there is no box for the data to be placed in! I know this as the data box boxes are a different compared to the main background colour.

Now, why am I confused. It is because the same WD version that is on my notebook with identical set-ups shows the indoor temperature.

I have rebooted WD on my PC and this has not corrected the situation. I haven’t as yet gone back to an earlier WD version to see when this problem occured.

I have checked that the remote indoor temperature sensor is reading correctly and the batteries are good.

Can anyone help me on this weird problem. :!:

My indoor temp reading intermittantly disappears [but only on one of my
If usually comes back with the next upload or if I restart the program.
I would be surprised if a complete uninstall/reinstall would help with this problem.

wd must be thinking you do not have indoor temperature…for some reason or other…a bit odd…

Thanks for the advice Leo, but I have tried updates and rebooting and the problem won’t resolve. I will try removing WD first completely and go from there. If that doesn’t work, not sure where to go next.

Brian, have you anymore thoughts why this has happened to me but appears no one else has this problem. Is there any checks I can make, like set up checks to look at.

Just to let whoever maybe interested know that it is now sorted. I removed WD from the PC and reinstalled it again.

Like Leo, I get intermittant reading from my sensors. Maybe somthing to do with the LaCrosse interfacing again?


how do you mean bob?
you mean sometimes the indoor temperature disappears from the main screen or something else?

you should not be getting any access violations now, and or they will log in the program error log instead

Hi Brian,

Sorry, I should have been more explicit. The on scrren display straightlines and when I check the sensor status I get errors reported


is this a new thing?

No but it’s been a long time since the last occurrance. It seems to have started after updating to 9.35E this time.


Addendum: Just updated to 9.36 and sensor reading OK again now