No data recorded with custom file/web time overide on

After days of experimenting I finally worked out exactly what has been stopping my graph history file updating! :slight_smile:
When the file creation / upload times page overide switch is on, no data is recorded… when it is off everything is fine

I have been manually updating the graphs from logfiles since the problem started, testing showed it to happen with all versions I have with the custom page feature. A completely clean install will do this everytime as well
Cheers, ricky

WD 9.79e w2k ath1.8 adsl

thats strange…i use the custom file creation, and its OK for me
when you turn that switch ON, then check under view, program error log, once the graph history stops updating, and see if anything reported there (I.e a error will mean some other routine that follows gets missed, you see
and also export and email me your wdisplayftp.ini file from the registry

I’m pleased to report that graph history and daily graphs / stats all updated fine last night running 9.80a :smiley:

Thanks again Brian

thats good !

i just changed a few lines of code…(and then promplty stuffed it up in 9.80)