no data in wxhistory.php pages


i have a problem with my wxhistory.php pages. There’s no data in it.
don’t what causes the problem, haven’t updated or changed anything lately.
i think it started to happen when 2019 came in.
checked local webfiles in my wdisplay directory and these files are created with full data in it…

any idea ?

Just noticed the file is working.
Path to the files incorrect maybe?

[s]Just noticed none of your files are loading.
But you can try recreating the file.

Recreate the January2019.htm file.

Go to View Menu
Average Extremes
Tab #5 Recreate Web Av Page
January2019.htm can be found in webfiles folder.
Manually upload that file.[/s]

running check-fetch-times.php?show=versions indicates you do need some script updates to the template set. There’s a newer include-wxhistory.php V1.11 amongst them. Please do the update(s) and see if that resolves the error with wxhistory.php – if not, I’ll take a deeper look :slight_smile:

Note that some of the updates needed address issues with PHP 7+ as the older scripts used features/functions that are now deprecated in PHP7.