No Current Rain Data from my WMR200

I’m new to this, so excuse my ignorance.
I have a WMR200 weather station and the very latest version of Weather Display.

All the station data such as tempurature, wnd, pressure ect is being dispalyed on the PC OK. But there is no rain data displayed.
The Oregon weather station display shows rain volume OK (it’s raining now) but nothing on the Weather Display app.
Your help would be appreciated.

what is the rain total on the console?
if its very high (for yearly total)
then it will be out of range
and you will need to reset the rain totals on the console

Thanks Brian.
The information on the Oregon display shows 11.5 mm for last 24 hours. The ACCUM mm shows HHH.

Still no data for yesterday on my Weather Display app but it does show 2.4 inches for year todate, which was the same as I had on mt free trial version.
Any thoughts?

If I need to reset the Oregon unit, how do I do it?


The ACCUM mm shows HHH.

thats the problem

you will need to reset the total rain on the station

OK I’ve done that. I just need to wait until it rains again to see if it has cured the problem.