Nexstorm-add-on for Carterlake/AJAX/PHP-template - Translators needed

Hi Folks!

I’m together with Jim McMurry (jmcmurry) working on a Nexstorm-add-on for the Carterlake/AJAX/PHP-template.

It will have two packs, one for easy-adding to the Carterlake/AJAX/PHP-template and one standalone-pack. It will support multilanguage and now I need some help for translations. I have attached english version for translation, you can upload your translation in this thread with extension NSlang_LL.txt. Thanks for help!

A testpage with script in action added to the Carterlake/AJAX/PHP-template you find HERE.

I will release this script in a couple of days, some final tests to do yet.


NSlang.txt (1.05 KB)

Great job Henkka! :thumbright:

Hello Henkka and Jim, thanks for your coding work, your scripts look both interesting and promising!

I attached the Italian translation file NSlang_IT.txt
A minor wording adjustment will be probably needed, I will do the correction when the test page will be updated with the language file to see how it fit.

My best greetings,


NSlang_IT.txt (992 Bytes)

Hi Mario!

Thanks! I will add it.
The multilanguage have to wait for the release of multilanguageversion of Carterlake/AJAX/PHP-template before it can be tested live but I can test it hardcoded from here to see how well they fit and will tell if they are too long. :smiley:


I’m pleased to help your interesting project, also the GUI look great!

I don’t know the reason, but now I see the Italian translation and from what I can see is almost Ok.
I’m also waiting the release of the multi-language template, really a useful improvement!

I also just found this interesting thread about how to made graphs directly by reading the data on rawfiles:

It’s time to rebuild the station graphs from scratch!



Hi Marion!

The reason was, I had Italian choosed hardcoded for testing :smiley: now its back to english.

Can I ask for three word more to translate?


I had added theese to the NSlang.txt attached.



NSlang.txt (1.14 KB)

NSlang_it.txt updated right now. :smiley:

I cannot find a better translation #-o for “Autorange” that fit in the allowed space so I prefer to leave it as is…



NSlang_IT.txt (1.07 KB)

Ok, thank you very much!


Just one question about the 24 h Strikes graph on the bottom.

How it’s made and updated ? It look like a JPGraph chart.

Thanks for any info about!



That particular one is being done with Graphweather, but the same thing could easily be done with jpgraph.

  • Jim

Hi Mario!

Yes, Jim is right, it is done with GraphWeather, the only thing you have to do for JpGraph is to save the strikedata somewhere (ie SQL) and do the JpGraph from that. The package when released will include stylesheet for GraphWeather, the same what is showing on testpage.


Thanks both Jim and Henkka for the information.

Never played with GraphWheather, It’s time to learn something new.