Newsletter in German

Today I received two newsletters in German 8O . I had been getting the english version. The second today had an english part telling to unsubscribe from the German and re-subscribe on the “english page”. So I unsubscribed as suggested and went went to the english page to signup it said I was already signed up :?:

Is this happening to anyone else?
Do I have to start taking German lessons to findout what is new?


Kind of happening to others. I only got one, a German newsletter. I don’t speak German but have a sister who does so maybe if I forward it to her she can tell me if I missed anything! :wink:

just dont worry about the german newsletter from florian
he and i do not know why people received it
you should have got one from me…

the whole mess of people getting a newsletter in german:
people have complained about unsolicated email, etc ,etc…
whats the world coming to
nobody trusts anyone anymore.

A long time ago, I had to, ok, tried to, take German while an undergraduate student in chemistry.

Heir Brennenman was nice, but if he only had a monocule he would have looked exactly like Col. Klink from Hogans Heros. :roll: I couldn’t keep a straight face. I did learn some German, but eventually dropped it ( needed it to read one volume of Beilstein’s Organic Chemistry) and took French.
SO, it was a refresher course in it. No problem. Opted out, re joined.

the whole mess might have happended by me uploading the mail list data base I look after to the german side of the web server…
anyway, hopefully not too many people are offended, and we can all move on

If people are upset because they received a German copy of your newsletter… :roll:

They need to relax and enjoy life a little more !! :lol:

I thought the German newsletter was great. I was going to have one of our interpeters at work handle it for me. :lol: :lol: :lol:

i hope stjoewweather did not take any offence at my jumping on this thread, i am not pointing the finger at you!
you can use bablefish to translate too… :slight_smile:

Brian, no offence taken at all. :smiley:
I was only trying to let you know and was trying to make light of it my self. :wink:
That is what I mean by taking German lessons. I have worked for a German company in the past and am very use to having to translate information.