New web host wanted

Hi my web host wanted to put their price up 8O for the year, I have decided to look elsewhere #-o, can anyone recommend a good cheap host and must have php in the deal for my site thanks

a search of the forum will shows lots of posts recommending

I’ve been using Virtual Names since 2000 and find them very reliable & easy to use.

Hi Vernon,

I have been using Virtual Names since Budgie recommended them to me and I must say I have no regrets changing over to them :smiley:


I havent had any probs with 1and1

I use and can heartily reccommend Fuzioned at

[quote author=Budgie link=topic=34429.msg280467#msg280467 date=1221647609]
I’ve been using Virtual Names since 2000 and find them very reliable & easy to use.

That’s :slight_smile:

I second Fuzioned, excellent value and very good support. Been with them now for 10 months.


Includes cgi too, looks like a good deal for


How much web space and bandwidth do you think the average weather site would need?

Bashy how long is a piece of string? A lot of sites are not just weather, mine is a lot more and runs to 215Mb storage and has used just over 1 gig of bandwidth this month so far. The weather part of that is probably less that 20% however bandwidth wise I dont use webcams so that brings its share down.


Yeah, it would be hard to come up with any meaningful number, and adding a webcam/videos would change the whole picture. Having said that, I suspect the storage and bandwidth of almost any hosting plan is way more than the minimum required for an html/php/AJAX weather site unless there’s lots of cams or video.

As an example my entire site, that’s Hebrides-Photos, Hebrides-Weather & the trial weather site, come to a total of 153Mb on the server and use between 5 & 7Gb per month of bandwidth. :wink:

For (on 1and1 Business/Linux) its 900Mb disk, and 38-50Gb per month traffic. Package allows 1000GB/month so I’m not likely to pay additional bandwidth charges :slight_smile:

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Cheers guys, I was just trying to get an idea as to what the average joe blogs uses…

Basically as ya know from previous posts i have dedicated server with a fair bit of room
and a fair bit of bandwidth, so i am going to offer some of that space and bandwidth to
members on here that cannot really afford or need a hand for a while, this is just weather
sites only and they will have to supply their own domain but space and bandwidth will be
Free of Charge :slight_smile: I think for the time being i will limit it to say 20 sites and see how that
goes, The package will be 150mb space and 10gb transfer, unlimited emails and all that
sort of thing… only downside is, support will be very limited but there shouldnt really be a
need for much support (i hope lol) If folks want to donate for the up keep they can but it
aint mandatory :wink:

So Vernon, if ya looking for cheap hosting, ya wont get much cheaper than mine, FOC :wink:
If ya interested in this let me know and i will PM you your coupon code that will give you
free hosting, btw this aint just for a month or 6 months, this is until either you move on
or i shut the server down and that aint gonna happen for the foreseeable :slight_smile:

Again, only for folks on here that has just a weather site, hope this can help a few out at
just my way of giving sommat back, what with my knowledge not too great pmsl…

I’ve been using for sometime now, you get massive amounts of space and bandwidth, got a good deal earlier on in the year when $ /