NEW web cam capture method

I upgraded the web cam component
it too k me 4 hours to straightout the code
but now its much simpler to select the web cam driver…just a drop down list…thats it.,…

and it also uses less CPU, less memory…and the picture (before it got dark here) looked better.

BUT you need Direct X 9 from microsoft (its free)

I’ve updated to 9.81 and verified I’m using DirectX 9.0a. Camera is no longer working in WD. I can run the software for the camera and it is working fine. All was working up until this version. Any clues? It appears it has stopped capturing. I can go in for a live shot within WD and I get a black screen. The correct driver is being recognized by WD as well.
When I tell it to animate it, I get the little storm cloud icon. I have verified my directory where WD is to store the captures and it is there and is listed in the Web Cam setup as well as the View-WebCam section.
My last image was at 7 a.m. this a.m. and is still the same image that is appearing on my web page and no animation. :cry:

i thought i had tested that it would use your existing selected driver
but go to the web cam capture screen and select the driver from the drop down menu at the top, and then it should work
(but i may have a problem that it stops working after closing that screen…i am uploading a new verison now that fxes that)

I’ll wait on your upload as this is what I had done by using the drop down box and selecting the correct driver.

Will let you know when I upgrade to this latest version

yup a new 9.81 is ready now and its ok after closing that window now

oh, the memory use is no better (I thought it was but i was freeing the memory once the window was closed, duh), but the cpu use is much better if live image selected …
note, if not live image, then its blank (but it gets a new image before capturing to file).

Have downloaded the latest and this time I saw the image come up upon selecting the pull-down driver. I’ll let it run and see if I get the animated file generation… Finger X’d

No-go on this latest update. I don’t even know what it is doing as the last animated web gif is of the last image before I moved up to the 9.81 version as I had dropped back to 9.80e (which worked).

I’ve dropped back again to 9.80e.

its working great for me

if you can see a image, then it should be working

I can see the image inside of WD, but that is NOT what the animated picture is. The animated gif is 10 sequences of the last picture shot under version 9.80e. I see the single file of the pic but when it animates it, it is taking the last image from the camera before I upgraded to 9.81. Clear as mud???

There is an image file: camimage.gif and is all black except for a white dot in the lower left corner, but that isn’t the pic I see under WD’s view of the camera.

The files:
webimage.gif being generated by 9.80e is correct with sequences named newwebimage, 1-9.gif’s.

Under version 9.81 the newwebimage, 1-9.gif’s was of the last picture shot under version 9.80e.

is the file you have set/entered on the direct capture setup page being updated?
try reselecting that file in the first web cam setup page
(although that should not be needed, and I did not need to do that)

i did have to use a different way of getting the image into a format to save
(grabbing the image), and i ended up having to use a memory stream (took me ages to figure out what to do), as the component had changed alot in its functionality (but there are no lock up problems now when you turn on or off the live switch, and the driver selection is much easier)

so i wonder why it works for me but not you…

and the save image switch is ON?

another thing to check is the file image height and width settings…

I’ll try bringing back up 9.81 again and start from ground zero on the web cam and make sure the proper file is checked, etc… and will let you know.

Now a new twist with 9.81 - XP error reporting upon clicking OK on the first web cam screen to exit back to display. Has done this twice now then it lost the settings for the camera driver. The last time I ended up going back into the 2nd setup screen, pic from camera was black, so I chose the driver yet again, saved it, then OK, then OK again and it didn’t error out that time. Something is still not quite right with the web cam as this is the same problem we had several versions ago which you had fixed and now it has re-appeared.

fyi - pic size is 329 W X 275 H

i dont think i had really done all that much to fix it before…
there is something going on on your system me thinks…with the web cam drivers,…
i have to go to a meeting now…

I’d be checking the coding between 9.80e and 9.81 in the web cam area. Version 9.80e works perfectly-no problems at all. Version 9.81???

I’ll be staying at 9.80e

well, it is a big change in the component,yes, but its good for me…i tested lots of times.
anyone else having problems?

maybe try downloading 9.81 again…you might have got the cached version where there was a bug that i fixed