New Weather Icons

My new weather icons can be viewed and downloaded from:

:arrow: Some new icons added today 21 Oct 2002 :arrow:

Like your new weather icons, they look great !
:idea: :idea:

Thanks for sharing, have downloaded and installed and they look good.

Are there any more coming?

I created a couple of animated t-storms and rain, however, WD main display doesn’t like them for some reason when I try to update to use them. If I shut down WD after getting through the error messages, then it will load but without animation-sometimes. I think I’m pushing the envelope a little too far here.
Did you survive Lili ok?

Isadore caused a whole lot more damage as a TS than LILI did as a cat2 Hurricane. We had a lot of wind but no rain in LA (Lower Alabama)

I will add more icons soon I hope. The ones that I have done were the easy ones. The rest are a bit harder. :morning:


Thanks, really like the new look.

:arrow: Some new icons added today 21 Oct 2002 :arrow: :arrow:

Oh, they are so nice. And easy to download and setup. Thank you Ed. :smiley:

hi Ed,

yes they are nice; more ‘3D’
when is more coming up ?

sorry, Philip was the name