New VP2... Temperature question

I received my new Vantage Pro2 last night. Going to replace a WS2310. Anyway, I have the ISS and Console next to each other in my office, and the temperatures are 3 degrees off. Humidity is 3-5% off. It was like this when I went to bed, and the same in the morning. Would this be normal? Has anybody else seen this?

Two things to consider. First, the sensors don’t occupy exactly the same space, so is the airflow exactly the same, maybe one is closer to a surface that lowers the temperature, or something that raises the temperature? Second, the measurements have a specified nominal accuracy +/- so even if the sensors are in exactly the same air the readings may not be exactly the same but will still be within the specification. Humidity is +/- 3%, so you could have a 6% difference in reading (one +3%, one -3%). Temp is +/- 1 deg F so you can have a 2 deg difference when measuring the same temperature, and I suspect the other degree is related to the location of the units. If you have a 3 deg C difference then that’s a bit much but if what you are reporting is F, then I don’t see cause for concern.

Concur completely. Remember also that with RH>90% the outside humidity error is

Can be foggy this time of year inland, but 90% in the house is probably unlikely :lol:

(though maybe RH>90% is unlikely in California?)

Greetings from Duluth, MN.

I see through many topics you guys know the VP stuff very well.
I put up a VP2 at 15 feet on my 150 foot Ham radio tower in July. I also have a Heathkit 4001 and 2 other remote temp gauges.

ALL seamed within 3 degrees of each other (some 75 feet away from others) until our first frost 2 nights ago. Now the VP2 reads 15 -20 above the others. I put one remote in the rain bucket and it still shows what the others show and not what VP2 is showing.

Any ideas on this as now when I send data to Wunderground it is well above everything else?

Thanks. Later, Loren

I think it’s broken and you should contact Davis support. If they agree there’s a problem they can usually be persuaded to send out an advance replacement so you aren’t without a station.