New user, cron-job, high-lows, extra-sensors

You don’t seem to be running the cron job?

What’s the cron job?

How did you add the water temperature? I have a sensor in my pond that is submitted by Meteobridge but the standard tiles have no option to select that sensor…

See Its why your small blocks have zeros and your history file doesn’t exist.


I split these post from another very large topic to make answering ans asking questions easier.

You should use an extra upload-file.
But first check your settings as you selected already two extra upload-files, but those are very old.
This is your current weather-data

That data is upload/used from three files:

[loaded_from] => /is/htdocs/wp11036828_FN9SC3KI0M/www/pwsWD/realtime.txt

You should use one upload file for your Meteobridge as described here:


Thanks. I have a extra ecowitt sensor - so do I use the ./ecowitt/ecco_lcl.arr as pathname and file or what else - and how do I specify which extra sensor - I tried the extra temperature/humidity sensor - there is only one extra sensor active.

Thanks - I understand the principle but it does not help me in terms how to get this working. How do I run a cron server on my website or on Meteobridge and where is this set in the template?


use something like or your host may allow you to setup a cronjob then put the url for the PWS_cron_stationcron.php on your website in it and schedule for every 5 minutes

Hi hcorrin,
Unfortunately, my website host requires me to purchase a SSL certificate for this and it is unreasonably expensive. I will give a try and report back.


Actually used Meteobridge as a http service using URL /pwsWD/PWS_cron_stationcron.php but what goes into success?

Seems to work. Thanks, everybody. Now I only need to get the extra temperature sensor working…
Also succeeded to get the extra sensor online. Would like to only have the active sensor showing not all 8 though. Also can they be renamed?

Thanks, Tom

The scripts will only process data they receive in the upload files…
Currently your ./extra.txt file has a lot of possible sensors with data, albeit most of them show ‘- -’

If you want / plan to process only one or a few sensors, delete all unneeded lines.
And set the lines you maybe use later to comment by adding a # on the first position.

Make those changes in the file you use as the template file in your Meteobridge.
It could look like this example

# meteobridge extra tags

It shows 1 active temp sensor which value would be in your weather-data as

$weather[‘extra_tmp2’] => 41.4

There are also 3 PM sensors pm25_crnt1 pm25_crnt2 and pm25_crnt3 which have values in your extra data.txt. The show up in your weather-data as

$weather[‘pm25_crnt1’] => 7.0
$weather[‘pm25_crnt2’] => 7.0
$weather[‘pm25_crnt3’] => 6.0


Hi Tom,

If you use Meterbridge upload (realtime.txt) as your primary data-source, you can only use the extra ecowitt upload file for lightning and AirQuality sensors.
One uses that if they have a f.i. a Davis station as their main weather-station and some extra sensors from an ecowitt-station.

Those users with a “full” ecowitt-weather-station upload the complete data directly (custom upload) bypassing a Meteobridge.

Question: What is your weather-station configuration currently?


Thanks Wim. Now I would like to rename the block name and the sensor name into pond temperature - and ideally make it smaller - or even better adding a icon logo for water temperature as in the template I asked about above.

Block titles are in PWS_blocks.php, and you can change the sensor name in extra_temp_block.php. I suspect you could have found this answer quicker with a forum search. . .

Whose template?

It was in a thread of the map of template users. I cannot find the post right now, but it was a water drop showing. Yes, I read through the tutorials, but it warned me to change anything in the PHP files - or to save with a different name and add the file name to an extra.txt page that I do not have and do not know what the syntax of such a post would be. That is why I asked. So, I will change those two PHP files and save them under the original name. I hope all works well.

Thanks, Tom

Sorry, I’ve been changing files for too long :roll_eyes:

You could use the lang-en.txt file to do the changes for your language only. . . I think this is probably recommended.

So, for block title add an entry

|Extra block large|Pond Temperature|

Thanks - that worked but how do I change the Extra block large title of the block. I did it in the PHP file but it seems not in the correct place…

Thanks again! Tom

I think I was still editing a post when you replied. Try the lang_en.txt method in post 17.

Where did you do it?

All good now - it seems that I replaced the edited from the server instead of the other way around. Thanks so much!