New Time on WD Webpage Display

hey Brian, I’m not sure what NZ uses for time, but take a look at this that is now appearing on Ver: 9.75c when it does a screen capture.

WD Console appears correct using AM/PM and this happens when it captures the screen and creates the web file. :?

I have the same issue.

I update my web at 00 and 30 minutes after.
It only appears after the top of the hour update. The 30 minute update is fine. My WD console is also OK all the time.

With that number of minutes in a NZ hour it’s no wonder Brian finds so much time to sort out kids, write WD, look after the cows, etc :wink:

Good one Chris.


ah, a glitch in my animated clock calculations
i knew i could not have had it perfect first time!

should be ok in vers 9.76
i was using a word variable, which cant go below zero (and insteaed becmoes 65536), and i need it to (but i then re correct)
i have fallen into that trap before ( a word variable is needed for the time decode you see)

should be ok in vers 9.76

Running 9.76c and I’ve just seen it display 21:56, 21:57, 21:58, 21:59, 21:60 :?

ok, a new vers 9.76e should be OK

Looks OK now in 9.76e.

Thanks for adding/fixing this. Hope you’re feeling better today.

it only feels like a mini bus now
1 day of spraying then i was sick…(no correlation I hope)
i will try and get more spraying done today while the wind is light