New tag request

Would like to have a %daysTmax>35C% tag.

It almost never gets above 40C here but in
summertime it almost always gets above 30C.


I would also appreciate these tags, please:

%maxgustlastimmediatehour UTC time%
%raininmm 06 - 06 % ( and also UTC)
%sunshinehoursinminutes 00 - 00 %
(and also UTC)
%[s]%Tmin 18 UTC-06 UTC%
Tmax 06 UTC-18 UTC%

Thank you very much!

Brian. could you please that tags mentioned by Elderberry and mine?

Would be very fine! Thank you very much!

Give Brian a chance. It’s only 24 hours since you requested these tags! With most other software you’d wait months or maybe years to get your suggestions incorporated, so in my opinion a reminder after just 24 hours is expecting a bit too much.

i have come to expect that from meteofrog …but nevermind…(and all these additions and requests and improvements people get for free too…)
i want to at the same change to using the datafiles instead of the log files (faster), but i need to test that first, but have not had enough time ahead to do that…
(spent a good part of today shifting my pc and weather station to a new location (in the new garage) :slight_smile:

back from being away, but being painting the new office today…(and myself (because painting the ceiling))
managed to add:
just for now…
use, updated,

Downloading now.

Many thanks!