New Station Heat Record set yesterday 117F

Set a new statiion all time heat record yesterday of 117F. Would have been hotter I think if the thunderstorm clouds had not started to block the sun. Phoenix had an official 118F high. Other sections of the state reported even higher.

There was a pretty good thunderstorm to the north and around 10pm we had a lighting storm go over our area, but no rain.

Today has started off just as hot… its already 108F at 10:30am.

the whole of the northen hemisphere seems to be having a hot summer?
(Global warming?)

At least in my area, we had a hotter summer in 1980. Max we’ve managed here so far is 113F, in 1980 there were several 120-plus (but I’d much prefer something lower - 26 years later I don’t take to heat as well :roll:)

2003 was hotter (max temperature) here than this year has been (so far and only just).

It’s hot and sticky here, but I think we’re programmed to forget that we have periods where it’s hot and sticky every year. It might be in a different month or a different part of the same month, but there’s usually some discussion about heatwaves and/or drought on the news.

we must have visited the UK in the wrong month!

The heatwaves are normally in the summer months #-o

No! This is weather not climate. The weather may be symptomatic of climate change, which is measured only by long-term (several years) average temperatures, measured globally, The mid-latitude hot weather may actually be compensated by lower temperatures elsewhere. In fact, the temp here (diurnal peak ~36