New Station Advice

Hi All, Great forum…
I plan to purchase a weather station ASAP and have researched until my head is about to explode!
From what I’ve found you really have 2 choices cheap and nasty or mortgage the house… I began looking at the WS2300 and WS3600 they seemed good value but so many reports of problems has made me wary.
Then theres the Davis gear, I was nearly convinced to purchase until I found you also needed a data logger and it just puts it out of my financial range.
What I want is a station that can output to PC for internet display, it must be reliable, accurate and compatible with WD. Prefer wireless but will listen to any option, I have a budget of $1000AUD. Can you offer any alternatives to aforementined stations or any other suggestions.

Thanks :slight_smile:

re the other thread, a davis WMII, which is wired, is cheaper than a VP, and is a good station…but still the extra cost of a data logger
since you are in a coastal area, i would not use a la crosse station, as i have found the anenometer seizes up badly…thas just my opinion

the WMR968 just might be a good choice though, its wireless, its availble from dick smith
and you could then add a vortex aneometer (only 45$ US), but wired though, to get every 1 second windpseed readings
also you can increase the catchment area of the wmr968 rain gauge to get more resolution
and with a 1 wire or labjakc you can add solar sensor to the mix with weather display :wink:

Welcome to the forum. I hope you’ll continue to visit and join in the discussions (and fun).

I’d recommend the WMR968 as well. Mine is partly decommissioned now (replaced with a VP2), but it ran without problems for nearly 3 years and the data from it is pretty accurate compared to the VP2.

Thanks Windy & Admin,
Great advice… I’ve checed out the VMR968 and it covers everything I want. I’m also happy that it has options for solar etc.
The best part, I know a man who knows a man who gives me great DSE discounts, so for not much over $600 I’m in business.
Appreciate the welcome and I know I’ll be back often and will contribute were I can.
WD impression…
The WD software is “rough” in a graphical commercial sence (look & feel) but sensationaly practical and feature rich. The live flash output is excellent and far superior to other trials I’ve downloaded. Great value too, looking forward to getting some data to it.

Thanks again!

Once you’re up and running, don’t forget to make your data available for MesoMap Live users (you might even want a map of your own for your own web site).