New solar rad sensor!!!

After dreaming for months of adding solar to my VP2, I finally got around to it. Also ET and THSW index are enabled. I’m really excited.

solar radiation 001.jpg

solar radiation 003.jpg

solar radiation 005.jpg

solar radiation 009.jpg

I feel that the solar sensor is the biggest and best upgrade to the vp2 station, i would certainly miss not having it.
I’m always looking at the THSW figure.
Congrats on your new purchase! It’s one you wont regret.

I agree. I love all you get with it. I have the THSW but also the daily ET displayed, so all 3 readings are shown at any given time. Eventually I will get the UV sensor, but at 315$ the UV is further down the list. I also purchased a leaf/soil station without sensor which will be added in the future. I also hope to purchase the Weather Envoy 8x! With Davis, the possabilities are endless.

have to admit, another leaf/soil station and an envoy8x is also on my list.