New servers @ erice broke saratoga templets

Anybody else having a problem with the saratoga templets this morning on the new servers?

Commented out line 35 in settings.php and set the flyout menu to false. The site is now functioning. Would like to get the flyout menu working again. Also the astrology page has errors.

Yes…I am having the same issue. Someone posted this in the e-rice forum:

I fixed it by uploading a newer version of the flyout-menu.php file.

I’m not exactly sure what that means. Can some one explain what we need to fix?

EDIT: That’s odd…5 minutes after I made this post, I went back to my site and it’s now working.

Must have been an erice problem. Old site now working. 8O

There was a big long list of flyou menu errors on my home page. I scrolled all the way down the page and found the rest of the home page at the bottom. When I clicked on the side menu to nagigate to another page, it went to that page and it displayed normal. I went back to my home page and it also looked normal. Not sure why…but it works fine now. All my other pages look good and the site is updating with no ftp hostname changes. :roll:

For folks who are running V2.0 of the template set, you may encounter problems as PHP is updated – If you still have V2 of the template, I strongly suggest that you take this opportunity to update to V3 of the template set and gain the ability to easily check/update your site with current versions of the scripts.

V2-to-V3 migration:

There have been a bunch of features added to the V3 templates since 27-Jan-2011 (when V3 was released and V2 support was discontinued).

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Ken…I just reviewed that link for the V2 to V3 upgrade. Am I to understand that I will manually need to update all my pages as if setting up a new template? This task looks very daunting as I remember how time consuming it was setting up V2 with all the proper settings. I think this is why I’ve been putting this off for so long. Plus, I don’t know enough about this stuff that I really feel comfortable doing it. I know it’s only a weather site and my life doesn’t depend on it. But I know how I am and if I break something that doesn’t appear to need fixing, then my OCD will kick in and all hell will break loose in my house. #-o

This finally got me to updating my woefully out of date pages.

The first problem I have is several errors similar to
“Warning: fopen(./cache/nws-alertsMainData.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /virtual/users/e15626-16466/web/weather/nws-alerts.php on line 265”
I"m guessing this has to do with a note on your upgrading V2 web page that a php.ini with “allow_url_fopen = on;” is needed. I have uploaded that but am still getting the errors.

Also, forecasts & METAR reports are for Saratoga and surrounding area, not Phoenix. Obviously I’ve one or more settings in the new template files but am having trouble finding where they are.

Try resetting the permissions in the file to 777.

That fixed the fopen errors, thanks.

Still trying to track down the forecast/METAR errors. And changing the copyright string in settings.php doesm’t change the displayed copyright at the bottom of the page.

UPDATE: Fixed the above errors. All I’ve got left is some random characters at the top of the pag…