New script request about lake level data

Hi to all,
i would make a script to take lake level data on this link:
The nubers in the center of that page (Image attached) updates every day.
The script should read data and show on a page green rectange if the number is over 60, yellow rectangle if equal of 50 and red rectangle if above 40.
Is it possible to do this?
Thanks in advance,



I am not sure what you want, I pull the level of Lake Erie here in Cleveland, OH USA and show it on my alternated dashboard page. It sounds like you want something else, though. My page is at:


Hi Bill,
yes exactly what you have on that page.
Where do you take lake level data?
My source is this:
Is it possible to take data from this page? (Look image above please)


Yes, it is possible to gather the lake level from that page.

I take it you are not a programmer. Right? It is fairly simple.

I have no Italian. Is the level (247) the only thing that changes in this line:

Altezza del lago sul livello del mare: 247 metri

Let me know and I’ll see what I can do?

Where is your current page?


Hi Bill,
before all thanks for your help :slight_smile:
Yes, in that page changes only two parameters:

  1. Altezza del lago sul livello del mare: 247 metri
  2. Milioni di metri cubi invasati al 2 luglio 2012: 48

My actually page is here:

Thanks again,