New Interactives trend graphs (temperatura and rain)

Greetings to all

I present my new 2 graphics to see the trend of temperature and rainfall from the commissioning of our station.

Script courtesy of: Michael Holden from
Script calculations courtesy of: Murry Conarroe from
Script modifications courtesy of Blackjack52:

The graphics are created with Highcharts libraries, that is, which are interactive.


Columns of temperature and rain take different colors, depending on their values.

How does it work?:

With file “testtags.php”


  • Having updated our web testtags.php file.
  • Install “jquery.min.js” file and point to it
    (Line 198 of the temperature graph)
    (Line 317 of the rain graph )

You can see here the difference between the classic version of this page, and the new version:

Classic version:
Interactive version:

Download link:

I hope you enjoy it :smiley:

Saludos desde San sebasti

These are very nice graphs. Thank you for posting the information about how you made them. I am going to look into this, as I do not care for the graphs generated by the Weather-Display program. Not to mention I can’t see a way to isolate just the temperature or just the barometer graph from WD.