New icon in Flyout

Ive added a new icon before, but lost the code to add it. Im looking to add a new.gif icon to the first caption line, but keep getting errors. Thanks

 <item caption="Marine" title="Marine Forecast, Buoy Data and Tides" >
                               <item caption="Marine Forecast" link="wxmarineforecast.php"/>
                               <item caption="Buoy Data" link="wxbuoy.php"/>
                               <item caption="Tides" link="wxtides.php"/>


The target=, img=, and align= attributes are available in flyout-menu.php V1.02 (Canada, USA, World) and flyout-menu.php (ML) V1.04 (Canada-ML, World-ML) released 23-Jul-2010 with docs here.

target="_blank" (optional) The target="" attribute is optional and works the same way as target="" attribute does in the HTML tag does. If target="_blank" is used, then the link will open in a new browser window or tab. This attribute is ignored if a link="..." attribute is not present. img="./imagedir/image.gif" (optional) This attribute acts the same as the src="..." attribute in an HTML statement. Use it to include a small image (10x10 or 14x14px) in the menu. Placement in the text (from the caption='...') defaults to the left of the caption. Change it to the right side (end) of the caption by using align="right" attribute. align="right|left" (optional) This attribute specifies where the image (from the img="..." attribute) is placed in the generated link. align="left" places the image in front of the caption="..." text. align="right" is the default and places the image after the caption="..." text.

If <V1.04, then it’s fairly complicated to add the img statement as part of the caption=, but with the raw HTML markup replaced with symbolics to not confuse the XML parser.
< is replaced with <

is replaced with >
" is replaced with "
& is replaced with &

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