New FTP Upload Time

:evil: Good grief what are they thinking, customizable uploads may be nice, but during a severe weather event, or natural disaster, i dont wanna have to spend 10 mins setting up the ftp upload for my web page, people rely on that page in my local community for weather info, as there is no other source close. The check box system worked great, click the files you wanted to upload on the one minute schedule, and voila, once you checked the files you wanted uploaded at the 1 minute time table you never had to recheck them again unless you wanted to add something. This new system is slow, cumbersom, and un-nessesary. Haveing to do this manually, well no thanks. Do you realize how much processor time, and resources this new method takes. During a weather event i don’t mind that, but i upload every 5 mins by default, and the resources are minimal. But i tried the customization method, without there being a warning or anything, just for kicks and giggles. Massive, you can’t run games, your processor gets hot, and the memory it uses is quite massive. I have a huge server this is in, with massive resources. Yet this program on the customizable thing eats it alive. Go back to the way it was. If you wanna leave the customizable things in there fine, but put the check boxes back on the ftp Upload page, so us users who give massive weather data to the community in time of need can do it a little faster.

in new 9.79d now you tick a new box which sets both the file create and file upload times to 1 minute for the files you want in the customise setup.
which you can get to via setup, customise internet fiel creation and upload, rather then setup, ftp/internet setup, web upload times (which would be a slow way of gettting there)

:?: Well sure, if you want to take forever getting it setup. Its use of resources, and time consumption has made this program unworthy for weather updates to me and my community. I need to get warning web pages up with a single click. The way it used to be worked fantastic for that. I have the 5 min setup, as my current default. And could tick 1 checkbox for 1 min updates, now i have to customize if i want an 1 min update schedule. I am not going to leave my computer useing the 1min update schedule all the time. This computer has other things to do. During a weather event i don’t mind it. But when its idle the 5 min schedule worked great. The checkbox needs to be reinserted for those who dont have the time, resources, or patience for setting up that thing manually everytime they need to get a warning out. I am not angry with you, but i think you should leave what works alone. Had you recieved a hundred complaints sure, but i checked the forum, and there are none. I may be a single user, but in the end, the end user is the one who suffers when there are changes.

you can now tick 1 box to set each file to update each minute, just exactly like before, which will be quick and easy,which i have now done, in the customise setup

:idea: Well it seems i am not makeing my point, in the customizable options area, you have to click on each one, to set the 1 min update for it. Where before you checkmarked them all, then up at the top clicked one box, and it uploaded the ones you had ticked below. Easier is all i am saying. I had a tornado warning earlier today, and tried useing the 1min update schedule, in custom options, it took me 20 mins to get them all set, and another 20 to turn them all back off after the warning was over. Other then that the main ftp upload time of 5 mins works great, pray you dont mess with that. Its the only thing i have left to at least try to keep my page updated in an emergency. It may seem like a duplication of code, but for heavens sake it was easier. I have tried the custom options, and believe me they are not easier. Idea would be to put that back in for those who have emergency warning pages like i do. So it makes the program a little bigger, but whats the harm, bigger in this case would be better.

i dont agree

you tick the ones you want updated each minute
and that works as an override

then when you dont want them ticked each minute, you untick them…

i cant see how it would take 20 minutes?

but i can add a switch were you override those times you have seet for each minute, as before

I’m probably going to stick my foot in my mouth here (usually do :lol: ), but it seems to me that I would want the 1 minute updates on ALL the time if I was very concerned about missing a warning about a pending weather event.

What happens if you are not home when the next tornado warning occurs? Who / what will change the 5 minute update to 1 minute then?

Granted I haven’t tested the resource use of WD using 1 minute versus 5 minute updates, but I can’t imagine it would be that much additional burden as to render the system unusable for other applications. I currently run WD on a PIII 350Mhz with 256M along with a number of other applications including a streaming X10 web cam and a telephone answering machine / caller id announcer and everything plays together nicely.

  1. Well no john, ya aren’t sticking your foot in your mouth at all. While i see the idea behind what he did to the program, its not much use. I have a remote link to my computer no matter where i am, (Laptop via Sat Link) I can remote access it anywhere at any time. Also have weather by cellphone and pager. I know whats going on at my home weather station at all time, and can log in via remote and turn things on or off at leisure. With the direct access provided by the NWS and other official sites, i can be anywhere and log on and turn it to whatever i want. Now that he took out the 1min upload tick on the main ftp webpage update page, i have to log on, goto customize, click all the 1 min upload things, and then pray they upload, where before i could checkmark the list at the bottom of the page, and when the weather warning would occur i could tick just 1 box. Instant 1 min updates. Was much much easier. Thanks for your reply though.

some people are hard to please, even when they do have a free verison becuase of complaints in the past.
you obvioulsy didnt read my posting just before
I am uploading a new version now where 1 tick will use the 1 minute times you have ticked or not
just like before


This must be the time of year to pick on Windy !



:roll: Ok 1.) I never asked you for a refund, that was your idea, 2.) Constructive or destructive critisism is something every programmer includeing myself has to deal with. 3.) Perhaps you should ask before you make changes like that. 4.) If you want to revoke my use of your program you can do so at your leisure, as there are more then a few other programs out there that i can use. 5.) Happy or Unhappy is a reletive state. I have complaints only when there is something to complain about. Otherwise you don’t hear a word out of me (unless i am confused about something). Changeing things without asking your userbase is one reason for complaints. You can’t please everyone. 6.) Its your program, if you want to change it, or not, its your perogative. Whether people keep useing after you make these changes is theirs. All i wanted to know is where do you see its easier. 7.) you dont need my permission to do anything with your program. I never asked or wanted that. I just tell you what i see! Bad or Good! I prefere on regular basis to leave everything uploading at 5 min intervals. Only during warnings do i goto the 1 min schedule. I designed an entire weather page around that idea. It became a waste of my time after you took that out. I tell my userbase that i have a 5 min timetable for updates, and during warnings or events, i have a 1 min time table. Based on what was in your program. That became more complex after you changed it. Thats where the problems began, because i wont have pieces and parts uploading at different intervals. Resource management is a must here. Yes this system i am on is fast, and loaded, but its also a web server, email server, and ftp server outside your program. 8.) I am not hard to please at all, in fact overall the program rocks, but its these little things you take out that some rely on (and not telling them your taking it out) that bugs me. I have said my peace, and Brian, i am not picking on you, i am just being honest about what i see. What do you think would happen if all of a sudden you didnt have an internal ftp program anymore, you decided you didnt want it as part of the program, and that people needed to get their own external ftp, how many people you think would realy like it after that. Not to many. Thats just an example.


We don’t need this stuff… Get a life !


a new vers 9.79d is ready with the 1 minute override tick

You indeed have more control than I when it comes to certain events…

Its all OK
i think the new tick will be OK, hopefully
I did put on the main wd web page that I had changed it
you see, i normaly get complaints that there is duplication of setups
so i was putting it all on the 1 setup screen
made sense to me

the problem was the old list did not have all the files on it, and instead of updating it, i went to the customise one

now all you need to do is tick the files to upload each minute, and have the times for each at 5 minutes as well (file create and file upload (and there is a button to use the same file create time), but turn off the “use each minute setting” tick.
and then you want the files with the 1 minute tick to update each minute, tick the use each minute setting tick

8O Well that works, I appreciate it. I don’t say that unless i do appreciate it. I figured it out based on your settings, and yes while not the same as before, with yes more options to tick, it may take 2 secs longer to get there, but with that in there, seems to work. Thanks, and this will be my final post to this string. Peace out there! Have a great weather day.