New Forum Theme

Looks nice and clean. Thanks for all of your work Chris.

Yes, Chris looks really good. Also like that the locations are back. 8) Thanks for all your work all year long.




I did just notice that our Member rank isn’t there anymore.

Yes. Partly down to trimming the side bar because it was getting pretty big and also partly down to the fact that the naming convention for post based groups didn’t really make sense (you could move from a senior something to a junior something else just by making an extra post). The number of posts is still shown so people will be able to tell who the more regular posters are.

I must admit that I just clicked on the forum and was a little taken aback by the new theme, it does not look nearly as clear and readable to me as the one did a few hours ago when I last looked. I much prefer the way it was, this new one is far too washed out for my liking… sorry but that’s my view of this new theme. I like the layout it is just no where near as clear colour wise on the text of the boards or search results etc.


I thought the same, Stuart, as Chris will tell you, but it does grow on you after a couple of days and you really don’t notice the difference (hopefully). :smiley:


Very nice looking. Congratulations Chris !

If I’m understanding the comment correctly, i.e. it applies to the ‘standard’ forum message text, then that text should be the same colour/font/size as the previous theme. The only real difference in that area is that the background colours aren’t quite the same, maybe a shade darker than the previous colours.

Yes probably the background being darker has lowered the contrast, background was very white before. I also am not at all taken with sort of yellow backgrounds to things like the new flag or the mustard colour member names on left hand side. The drop shadow on the heading also makes it look out of focus to me, and yes my eyes are not what they were :roll:

Sorry Chris if this sounds like one long moan but when you first upgraded it looked great to me very clear and easy to read. For me this new theme needs some tweaking to improve contrast (and removal of the yellow/mustard colour) to make it match up.

Have you been able to time travel Budgie, this new theme only appeared (for me at least) this evening!


I just found the old theme in my profile choices and have switched back for now…

Don’t get too used to it…it will be removed soon because it has bugs that can’t easily be fixed.

Some of us have been working on the upgrade/themes for a while now :wink:

Chris already mentioned that to me and I’ve altered it, if it needs to be altered again then it’s not a problem. :wink:

Na, I’ve been assisting with the change and have been using this theme for about a week now. :smiley:

surprised to see negative postings after all the hard work Chris has put in
I guess you get that in this day and age

I don’t think I’d call it negative Brian, It’s just more of people saying there opinion. I don’t think anyone has been rude, least in my opinion.

That’s a shame, at least I have not seen any problems with it.

The more I compare the two I just feel the text colour choices of the new theme are far less than optimal for clarity. The blue text is so much clearer on this old theme. In general I find blue or black text to be clearer than pretty much any other colour choice. To my mind forums are to be read and therefore should be as clear as possible and not be jazzed up with fancy colour schemes. I do use fora with far worse readability than this one - but only when I have no choice :wink: I guess I could always use FF to override the colours, trouble with that is that it is not selectable for only certain web sites.

Brian I do not underestimate the work Chris and others put in to maintain this forum, however I do feel that I have a right to an opinion and to politely express that opinion. No one has to agree with me and I’m sure ( at least I hope) none of these hard workers have taken offence at what I have said. I am simply suggesting that the forum should be made as clear and readable as it can be to benefit all. Not everyone is blessed with 20/20 vision and perfect colour perception.


I really like it.Well done to all those involved. Hope it stays :smiley:

broadstairs,all I can say is keep up the good work Chris and the moderator team!

There were a number of issues reported with it. I was spending a lot of time trying to work out how to fix them and that was why I decided it would probably be easier to start afresh with the official default forum theme which didn’t seem to have those problems in the first place. Also the more I worked with the previous theme code/CSS the less I liked the way it was written/styled. As I found more errors (styles not defined or defined and not used) the more worried I got.

Some mustards have changed to blue. I can try to lighten the backgrounds, but that’s not very easy (it needs me to use my anti-graphical skills).

I see black text with either a very light grey or very light purple background in this theme, Stuart, what colour are you seeing?
My eyes also aren’t what they used to be but I don’t have problems reading the text (with glasses on 8) ).

Me too, the light grey renders on the blue side but that’s my thinkpad screen. I find the black text much easier to read than the previous theme blue text (I guess there’s a reason they sell blue blocking glasses).

Stuart, what colours are you seeing?