New Forum Structure

Hey Chris, looks really good. Very easy to navigate.

Looks good to me Chris :wink:



LIke to new software upgrade and look. One thing I would like to see is a “Mark All Messages Read” link towards the top of the page rather then have to scroll to the bottom to get to it.

Oh yes, that’s very nicely done :slight_smile:

Just one comment, it may be the LCD I’m using at the moment but the font being used for the News: line is very hard to read (“News:” is OK, it’s just the content)

[quote author=nikoshepherd


One gripe that I do have is that the News is making the screen jump when it goes from one line to two lines.

That’s something that hasn’t changed, but I should be able to put a Mark All Messages Read tab at the top. I guess the link is at the bottom of the list because it’s assumed you’ll be scanning down the whole forum to check where there are new messages before using it.

[quote author=nikoshepherd

I didn’t see that first time through. I see what you mean. It looks like ‘News’ isn’t in bold, so I’ll look at making the news content non-bold. It’s fine here though (LCD @ 1600*1200).

In the old Profile settings I had my station type and WD version number - I don’t see it now, so I’m not sure if the information is gone, or just in a different place.

I can see

WS 2310-11, WD 10.31h
below your picture in the left hand column.

I found where to enter it right after I posted (typical!). The information was lost in the transition - I had to re-enter it.

bwawsc - good to see you back, I checked your website a couple of times during the rains but it was down…

Is the news content looking any better now? The only odd thing that I can see was happening is that there were tags embedded in tags. I assumed that browsers would just treat that as being bold, but maybe it gets double bolded somehow? Anyway I’ve removed one set of the 's now. If it’s OK then I’ll leave the others. If it’s still looking weird I’ll remove the second set.

No, still bad in 1280 x 1240, looks OK in 1024 x 768 but then there’s the jump issue.

Does it to me, and I’m on 1027x768. Also my WS details seem to have dissapeared also!

If I refresh the page it’s clear for a second and then it’s like there’s an overwrite that’s shifted a pixel or so horizontally.

The bold news content should be fixed now.

Weather Station details…I know what’s wrong with those, so don’t adjust your sets whilst in work on it :wink:

Two line news jump on 1024*768 should be fixed now.

Hasn’t changed for me, and I flushed the cache and all that stuff. Here’s a gif, see the difference between the bold news and the bold Members Posts on the right side.

Weather station and location details are back with us :smiley: