New features for Version 11.4

Hi Everybody,

I finally found a bit of time to work on an update to WXSIM, and tool care of most of the outstanding issues I know of already. In particular, there will now be a setting (a check box on the Auto Run form) allowing you to declare that it should skip the startup splash screen on the next boot up, and go straight into scheduled auto mode. I think this will solve the problem some of you ran across in having it boot back up and fail to make automated forecasts.

I also changed the menu item ‘Customize’ to ‘Preferences’, as it sounded too much like the customizing I do on my end. ‘Preferences’ is a more accurate term.

There had been an occasional problem with very early wind shifts, before MOS data had started, fooling the auto mode into thinking it shouldn’t look for MOS data anymore. I’ve fixed that.

I’m considering (but haven’t yet implemented) the ability to produce a sort of log file of all the actions you (or auto mode) took in making a forecast run. This would be of only occasional interest, but might help me diagnose problems users report, when I have a hard time knowing what sequence of actions they actually took.

Finally, there had been a few cases of precipitation being mentioned in the text forecast, with no percent chance reported (or possibly vice versa, too). I think I’ve got that cleared up, and I’ve also introduced two more precip chance wordings: “slight chance”, and no “chance” qualifier at all, for when the chance is 90% or more. There’s also a “chance near 100%” description available, though in practice it will be rarely seen, in favor of 80 and 90% chances (WXSIM is a bit timid about declaring 100% chances!). Also, extremely low chances (less than 5%) will not be mentioned in any way in the forecast.

In WXSIMATE, I’ll be changing the “About” item to correctly represent the version number, and may also include a text file output of what you see in the station download.

Any more “quick fixes” in order? Any ideas that would be simpe to implement?



Tom I dont know if it is a quick fix but in order for me to auto start WXSim I have to open the autorun dialog and click on the appropriate button to get it to start at the set time. It would be good if it just kicked off at the set time after starting the program with no other action by me. That would make automating my runs very much easier.


Hi Stuart,

I believe I now have it so that the last scheduled run times you had set will be executed - without having to open the Auto Run form up. To experiment, I set a time (like 9:20) and check a new box OK’ing auto run on the next boot up.

I then closed the program, and booted it back up at, say, 9:18. The splash screen never really appeared, and the data entry form was in view. I took no further action, but about 10 seconds after the clock hit 9:20, the auto run started, following the last set of instructions I left it with.

I believe that’s what you were looking for it to do, correct?

Hopefully I’ll have this ready in a few days! :slight_smile:


Yep, that was the same issue I was having with wxsim.

Yes Tom that is exactly what I was hoping for…will look forward to the new upgrade … thanks


As you know, Tom, I’m a WxSim newbie, so this may already be possible, or, it may not be “simple”. :slight_smile:

So, is it possible, or easy to implement, specifying the location to save the forecast output txt files plaintext.txt and/or latest.txt? I use WebDrive for FTP, so this would make saving the files to my website easy.

Certainly make life easier for me, than running a silly dos batch file, particulary as like you I also run WebDrive here. :slight_smile:

I would like to have a ‘work’ directory where all the data would be put, I like to have my programs partition for programs and have all my data on a work partition. At present the WXSim directory is the only one on my programs partition which grows in size because of all this archived data. So having a separate directory for all the working data would be great, but leave the customisation files etc in the program directory because they rarely (if ever) change.

Having said all this I guess it might be too much for a quick update right now…


I found my temporary (I hope) work-around.

Since I’m still running VWS, I use its Internet/HTML Upload function. I put c:/wxsim/plaintext.txt in the left side, x:/forecast.txt in the right, and enabled it. x: is one of my WebDrive drives and points to my Linux server.

The result:

It’s total overkill, since I upload stuff from that menu every few minutes, and maybe do a forecast once a day, but at least I can play for now.


You could upload it and include it in one of your web pages with this code: (remeber to save it as .shtml)


Thanks for the prod to make a page, jwwd.

Here’s where I was headed when I was figuring out how to upload the plaintext file:

Hi Sloweather

Thats a great site…have you seen the new feature with WD making a 5 day forecast?

just as an aside, WD has a general FTP function, where you can upload any file on the PC to any directory on your ftp server and set any remote filename you want to


Yes, I’ve seen it. I’m still a rank WD/WxSim newbie, having just registered both in the last couple of weeks, so I still have a long way to go to get everything running the way I’d like. I have about 6 years of experience with VWS.

Well yeah, I guess it is a workaround for now. :slight_smile:

My dos batch script runs 30 minutes after the hour via windows scheduler.

I hope we get the configurable save location, then mine will be going to my w:\public_html drive. :slight_smile:

If possible, Tom, it would be nice to have a smaller blackground in latest.bmp, as it is much larger than the meteogram itself.