New FAQ - Users Guide for the WD Solar Sensor Setup Window

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Thanks to Broadstairs for creating the content of this FAQ

nice work guys , thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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What is set at the bottom of the first screen cap for offset? Your raw reading is approaching double the max…

Brian removed the need to set timezones now as he gets the info from your windows settings.

The default of 100, I toggled off the ‘I have Solar’ and left the 2nd one alone in ‘Weather station selection’.

Ok, yes just tick the 2nd one. Any change in the readings?

For the VP leave the adjust factor at 100. The VP solar is calibrated, the factor is intended for non VP sensors.

This screen has been updated since the FAQ to eliminate the need to enter time zone and DST offsets, WD now gets those direct from Windows. I will update the FAQ later, but right now I will add a note, thanks for the reminder

My apologies, when I sent the stuff to Niko for the FAQ I forgot to change the offset to 100% which should be starting point for ALL solar sensors, you should only adjust it IF the actual reading is significantly different from the expected at high noon on a clear sunny day. The vast majority of Davis sensors work perfectly well at 100%. I needed that value for another make of solar sensor :wink:


Still pegged after a save and exit of WD, current raw=570, current %=100, Max Calculated Rad=334.
Windows time zone set to ‘-5’

I’ve updated to cover that now.

Is it somewhat sunny?

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Your webcam shows partly cloudy conditions and the web page shows 54% solar…or am I looking at the wrong page?

Then the raw sounds about right for this time of day. Can you post a screen shot of the setup page?

Its clear to the west, cam points NNW. Page is updating now.

Just to be sure the Timezone in Windows needs to be correct as well as the Lat/Long. I reckon the max for that lat/long at solar noon assuming a timezone of 5 hours would be about 418.


Is your calculator still online?

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Hmm, if Broadstairs 480 at solar noon is correct, having 400 at 2:30 looks a a bit suspect :frowning:

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