New: Extra sensor dials

right mouse click on the main graph, and see that option , last on the list
in a new vers 9.55 ready now

you can change the labels names by clicking on them
i will add option to upload to web site soon

(if you dont have any extra sensor temp/hum, the dials will not display)

hope you like :slight_smile:

Brian ,
Out of the seven extra temperature sensors I’m running .
No gauge appearing for the Humiditytemp NO 7 ( just the label )
Also gauge number 6 ( has no label )

apart from that not a bad effort :slight_smile: 8)

The newest feature looks good and works. Course I’m a critic too, only one complaint, the high degree f goes to 60, two of my sensors exceed the 60*F range. Could there be a low/high setting we can set for our own needs?

it should go to 60oC, or 140oF…

i will test…

Then, maybe, the dial is using the C versus the F dial?? The data does show F and prints the correct temp, just the dial is showing a max of 60.

it will becuase the Units setting has not been set before it sets this page

i will fix that :slight_smile:

:lol: Thanks for the fix… Looks better now.

do you ever sleep losmon?

About as much as you do anymore… Maybe 3-4 hrs a night. I’m a night person as I used to work during the o’nite and most of the day before I finally got smart and retired. Started my own consulting business about 5 years ago and I still have the bad habits… without the Corporate pressures… :?