New data quitting soon after startup

I’m having an apparent COM port problem or conflict, soon after startup, with the recent version of WD.
WD 9.91e with Davis WM II/full on COM2(2400bps) of Dell desktop Pentium2.4GHz/512MB RAM/WinXPpro.
I get data from the Davis into WD for several seconds normally, and then it quits updating, after between 9 and 20 reports from the Davis. It seems this occurs just precisely when the newly updated weather image appears in WD, right above the date and time. The time keeps ticking, but no more Data Received blinking green after that weather type image appears. I had to go back to an older WD version to work-around this problem. This first ocurred after a WD version upgrade installation a few days ago, on September 18 or 19. I didn’t notice the data stopping with the new version at first, so there’s a record of when my station died (“flat-lined”) at .
Thanks in advance. Cap

check you do not have the client/server enabled, and in client mode
(under setup, ftp/internet setup)
what does it say across the top of the program?

Okay. False alarm, perhaps. Upon re-installing 9.91e (my third install of the vers) it started working. Neither client nor server is/was enabled and across the top it now says Ver9.91e - Registered - Davis WMII Comm Port OK. All is well again.
Thanks! Good luck repairing your anemometer.