New Custom tags??

Brian, when you’ve got some spare time…(heh, heh, yea right!)

Maybe you could add tags for

Warmest (Current Month) Day 6am - 6pm (date)
Coldest (Current Month) Day 6am - 6pm (date)
Warmest (Current Month) Night 6pm - 6am (date)
Coldest Night (Current Month) 6pm -6am (date)

And maybe the same for all time record, like you have in alltimerecord.gif?

i have added this now in the latest version ( a new 9.31b)
for all time record
but for this month, i still need to add (i am going to have a all time records for the this month too)

Cool Brian, that’s just what I was looking for!
Except the tag %coldestnightonrecord% is not getting replaced.
(I copy owntemplate.txt to wxlocal3.html so it gets uploaded and I can see what the tags do before I insert any in my page!)