New APRS servers

I did watch the old ftp program cycle through the old APRS servers and then disconnect gracefully. I don’t know if Brian has updated the APRS server information in recent versions (since my WD data is maintained between versions in the registry) but do be aware that the APRS setup needs to be updated to use ; ; The previous names with ahub are no longer used and do not work.

The other “gotcha” to be aware of is that some of us “import” or restore the wdisplayftp.ini data to the Windows registry in attempts to recover a stable WD and that this may restore the older now nonworking APRS servers and hose things up on you again.

i need to update the old ftp program default aprs rotation servers, but you can set the ones to use in wd’s setup
ted, export and email me your wdisplayftp.ini settings