New and confused in Setting up WD

I am running the latest windows version of WD and WDL but the main problem I have is that this app does not run as a service and that no mater what I do the upload to the Web Server for Web Live will not automatically start after restarting WD after WD locking up my system.

I see this is a common problem but not yet got any answers to it.

  1. Why does WD keep locking up the PC (XP SP3) to the extent that all you can do is to turn it off and on again. (you cannot ping the machine or even log on locally)
  2. Then the FTP Service then needs manual intervention to start it.
  3. As for the Locking up I cannot see any pattern.

I start using WD 6 months ago but am no closer to making it any more stable no matter what release I use.

Can anybody please help or at lease let me know how they managed to resolve this issues if they had them.


Hmm…I’m using SP3 and have not had any problems whatsoever. Are you using IIS?

No I am not using IIS I am using the in built FTP to FTP all my files to My own Linux Server (Fedora 12 just rebuilt and Apache), This is an issue with WD as I has been happening ever since I have started this and I have tried this on three different XP machines.

Do you have the USB data logger?


Davis Vantage Pro2

Are you running any firewall programs on the Linux box?

Then it’s quite likely that the USB is the cause of the lockups, see prodata’s VP wiki for a good summary of that problem and suggested cures.

Thanks I will take a look at the VP wiki and no I am not running SE LINUX or IPTables on my Linux Server. It is the PC that has the problem and there are not any open connections on the linux server either after the PC Locks up.