NEW Alternative Dashboard Version 6 [First Public Beta Release]

Looks good with the Yowindow icon in there! :slight_smile:

Hi All,

First attempt is a no go right now. Got this “Fatal error: Call to undefined function langtransstr() in /home/dwayneya/public_html/wx/ajax-dashboard6.php on line 350” For some reason I cannot locate where I need to edit for correction.

My test site is at

Any suggestions??

–Stan Y.
Maui, Hawaii

Hey Stan,

I had exactly the same problem. Wound up adding the following…

function langtransstr($str) { // added

function langtrans($str) { // added
echo $str;

…to the very end of the new dashboard6 script (just before the //end functions).

Not sure if it’s right, but it fixed the problem for me (

Hi John,

Looks like we had the same issue and your addition to the script worked for me too. Thank you very much for finding a solution.

Looks like it also verifies with W3C HTML and CSS for me. I had these issues that I could not get working with version 5.0. Looks like Scott did a bang up job with this version.

Now got to do some tweeking to fit my data from my weather station.

BTW, my ham call is KH6HHG.

–Stan Y.
Maui, Hawaii


My pleasure.

Still have a few issues on mine. It does not validate XHTML - there are 5 minor errors having to do with tables. Scott thinks it might have something to do with my not having UV and solar on my system. Also have a problem with the Rec high/low numbers - backwards and way wrong, but that’s coming right from testtags.

Just an OT reminder - I had sent you an email long ago about my impending move to Hilo. Unfortunately, Hawai’i Agri folks are unhappy with my hybrid wolf, even though he’s neutered, so the move is out. Bummed about it. We could have done some radio chatting, and had 2 stations on the islands. Wonder if 2M will work from here? :roll: Oh, well…

Hi John,

Yes, I remember that you wanted to move to Hilo but had issues with your hybrid wolf. We have a tough laws in with curbing rabies. We also do not have snakes here.

My issue with version 5.0 might have been something in my index page that was causing non verification. But some how this beta version worked out for me for some reason or another and I did not change anything my index page. Looks like you have the same issues that I had with 5.0 that I could not resolve so my main page is currently on version 4.20 at the moment. Now gotta do some tweeks on the Snow as I don’t have snow here at any time so far and work on the AQI portion. Then figure out how to start up in Imperial mode instead of Metric mode.

Two meter contact from your place may be difficult. Sometimes there is a duct that works during the summer time. Echolink is one way to talk also…You want to give it a try one of these days???

Thanks again for your input.

–Stan Y.
Maui, Hawaii

I’ve added this code to the bottom of the file commented out. If anyone has the problem they can just quickly uncomment those lines to fix it. Some need it, most don’t. Not sure why.


This new version contains a modified ajaxWDwx.js that is taken from version 9.11. The new version (using the requested numbering convention) is called version 3.00. I’ve made several changes in it, perhaps one of them fixed the issue many had with 9.11 with ajax not updating.


It’s been changed in the script!


Hmm - hadn’t thought about rabies. He’s had all his shots. Guess it’s time for a call out there.

Interesting. My b6 failed immediately, even before I had added the additional items to the page.

Snow? What’s that?

useUOM = ‘E’; - close to the top of the new WDwx-settings file.

Sure. Let’s set something up.

Glad I could help.

Scott, any thoughts on my upside down Rec high/low problem?


Send me a link to the page and I’ll take a gander at it!



FYI Scott,

Here is another problem (and workaround) I had with bws-script-ajaxWDwx-v911 (911b).

It had to do with the UV Word in the Gizmo always displaying “Low”. The numeric value would be correct.


That should have already been corrected in my version, is it still showing wrong?



I don’t know, I’m not testing your beta (yet).

I just remembered it. And since you are usig the script I wanted to be sure you were aware.


Whew! :wink: I thought I forgot it! I double checked and it is fixed! Thanks for the heads-up though!


Version 6.00 Beta 2 Update:

I’ve made the changes the beta testers have found and also added windrun and moved Air Density to Air Quality. I’ve also added a new donation Button area on the last column to fill in the space there under ET or can be used totally as a donation area. All you need to do is have a PayPal account and put your code in where indicated (about 5 lines of code). Only problem is, Pay-Pal’s input form code will not pass validation so you’ll just have to accept that if you choose to use it. It’s optional and turned on/off in the config.


Maybe it’s the way my brain works, but when I click on the word Imperial at the top, it displays metric, and visaversa(on the Webster Weather home page). I would expect Imperial when clicking on the word Imperial. I really like the idea for compatability across continents and I can’t wait for the final version, but I thought I would point out this minor problem(in my eyes)


Looks like either one just toggles to the other. If it is in Imperial mode and click on it, it will change to Metric mode and if it is in Metric mode and click on it, it will change to Imperial mode. The inverse is also true.

–Stan Y.
Maui, Hawaii