NEW Alternative Dashboard Version 6 [First Public Beta Release]

The first Beta release of my new Alternative Dashboard version 6.00 B1 is now ready for beta testing by those that have some good experience with betas. I have not written any extensive instructions yet and there are a lot of changes that need to be done. Please don’t try to install it yet if you don’t have a lot of patience!

Whats New in 6.00?


  • Updated and expanded AjaxWDwx.js file based on version 9.11 from Bashewa Weather
  • A few more testtags to add in
  • A new config file for Alt-Dashboard6

New Features:

  • New Temperature section with Large Temp, high/low and Station Records
  • New Current Conditions Section with Large views of Wind, Rain/snow and Current Conditions
  • Quick View Forecast at the top with Fire Danger under the forecast
  • Expanded Liquid Precipitation section with auto breakout of storm readings when raining
  • 3rd row center can be either Lightning or Snow. Snow can be set to auto change based on settings
  • 4th row now shows Almanac always
  • 4th row Irrigation Index can optionally become Snow
  • many other added readings and layout changes

Anyone interested in beta testing for this version and helping with any issues/problems can contact me for a link to the beta files. Remember, this is a pretty big change and it will require that you already have version 9.11 of ajaxWDwx.js installed and working to move to my version of it. Thanks

Below are a couple images of the new version and you can see it live on my main page now at


Very nice work Scott!


Looks like a labor of love :slight_smile:


Thanks, its really more taking the suggestions of people that use my site, what they wanted to see and some of the requests from people here on what they wanted for their sites. It’s been a year since my last update and there have been a lot of things requested!

Very nice work Scott! :lol:

Has anyone ever included wind run in one of the dashboards?

Which tags would you like to see?

These are from tagslist.txt in the main Weather Display directory.

%windruntodatethismonth%…Wind run to date this month
%windruntodatethisyear%…Wind run to date this year
%windruntoday%…Wind run today
%windrunyesterday%…Wind run yesterday

I’d be interested in “Wind run today”.

I would also be interest in windrun.


Take a look at my site now, I’ve added in wind run today. I can do it that way or I could add an optional section just for wind run, possibly in place of AQI and have a couple more readings there.


I now have about 8 people testing this beta. I’ll let them have a chance to install and test it and see if there are any problems. Hopefully it will go pretty smooth and I will release version 6 soon. Thanks!


Hi, Scott

Alternative Dashboard is working, take a peek at it here:, I’ve had to change a couple of “splits” into “explodes” in the scripts because my server is running PHP5, and split() is deprecated in this version. Still have to make a few minor adjustments but it works! Keep up the good work!


Greetz from Antwerp, Belgium


Could use a
between time and date in Last Strike, and a heavy trim in Last Distance. Their length is forcing the table beyond the edge of the narrow page setting.

For some reason my ColdFusion coding didn’t work… :roll:



I’ll see what I can do on that one! I think it’s a java update thats decimal point challenged!


Don’t forget to edit the config file and turn of Weather Underground records and edit the size of the current conditions icon too!


Hi Guys,

Scott, thanks so much for continuing to update this great script.

I wonder if this may help the distance rounding problem.


Looks really good!!


Nice find! That did, in fact, fix the problem. Thanks very much! Mine is up at . Just one more problem (Rec high/low are reversed and values way outta line).

I have it working also. I have modified it a little. You can see it here