New 9.65b showing rain when it's dry

Hi Brian,

Since i downloaded and installed the ‘new’ 9.65b WD is giving every 3 to 4 hours or so 0.1mm of rain…

This is strange, because the WS2300 only gives a minimum amount of 0.5mm with every tich of the gauche.

Now i have to adjust to zero every time I notice this…

Did you change some measurement-systems withing WD for the LaCrosse ???

Cheers and hope you enjoy(ed) the days off…

odd, no change to the ws2310 data routines at all…
i do know someone who had false rain readings, from electrical interefernce back through the PC
is the rain appearing on the console?

No, only on WD…

I want back to 9.65 and it is ok again…
Now installing 9.65c.

Let’s wait and see.

Cheers, Aad

9.65c has the same problem… see my webpage and look at the rain measurements…

Cheers. Aad

thats weird (i did alter the windspeed over 50 kts problem though)
i will compare the code to the win95/nt version
(please test that one)

Can I harmlessly install the 95/NT-version without messing up my data history ???

it just does not have direct web cam support, thats all
having a look soon, but the VET is coming today to vaccinate the young stock…

please try vers 9.67 (9.66 missed due to possible superstitious reasons)

also, ultima, check our the new language.ini function (under setup, language) that I am working on, that allows you to load any language into WD web pages captions via altering the language.ini file (click on the first time update first, then put the new label after the =
and then use the update menu item, under setup, language, to load these new labels
I will work on adding the other web images as i get time

(9.66 missed due to possible superstitious reasons)

It’s not really important, but what’s the signficance of 966? I know about 666, but 966 doesn’t ring any bells.

just the 66 is enough, LOL

I’m going to install the new 9.67 now…

thanks, Aad

Good looking web site. How do you do that scrolling dot matrix banner/marquee?

yes, i too admire your web site ultima :slight_smile:

It looks like the problem is gone now… no rain showing up in WD !!!

The dot-matrix marque is done with a Java class file…

I will create a ZIP file containing the class-files and manual… it’s very simple… Tomorrow (have to sleep now) i will put a link in this thread…

Thanks for the compliments

Cheers, Aad

Here is the link to the ticker files…

Instructions are in the txt file, including the html part to put on your webpage. Use my webpage for a live example…

Good luck,


Doesn’t seem to be working for me. The scroll region shows up on the web page but nothing scrolls within it. I copied the .class files to the same directory. Do any of the .class files contain anything hardcoded that needs to be recompiled?

htmliso.class is missing?

Yep, forgot one file… please download the file again… HTMLISO.class is in there…

sorry guys…

Cheers, aad

edit: This is where it came from :