New 1 wire Hobby Board Moisture sensor


l have the new 1 wire Hobby Board Moisture sensor with 3 soil moisture and 1 leaf wetness

soil moisture 1- 3 are working

leaf wetness on number 4
is going to 95 when wet
have set the setting in the new hb reader to use number 4 as leaf wetness can you please have a look
at the setting

needs a leaf wetness 4 setting in the
extra graphs to plot this

can wd live have a setting for the leaf wetness 4

l am running the latest beta


its not all that clear to me exactly what you are wanting or needing?
maybe some screen shots?

Please see the first image

Leaf wetness is set on channel #4

I’m not getting any reading for the leaf wetness tag %vpleaf%

Image number two

Setup extra sensor real-time graph

Leaf wetness only goes up to number three 3
does this need to correspond to the new hb1 wire reader?

Image number three

On start-up of the new hb1 wire reader

All the wet leaf channels are always ticked

Hope the images help with any confusion

Thank you


I just tested here and I can have only #4 leaf ticked
make sure to click on set…to the right of that

also its not clear what custom tag you are using
you should be using

I will look into adding option to plot leaf 4 in a future update

ok thanks

its not very clear if that means you got
the settings of the 4 leaf wetness saving correctly now or not?


The 4 leaf wetness is not saving data correctly its always
Showing 0


where is it showing 0 exactly?


Please see image

I’ve used the %VPleaf4% Tag in the main window customised setup which displays this on the main display
Sorry for being so vague been in lot of pain over the last few weeks New medication has started to help Thank you for your patience
Thank you



to show the #4 correctly (that 255 value was incorrect)


Tried the download
still getting nothing on the wet leaf sensor, The wet leaf sensor was saturated

Please see images of the latest information
Thank you


the raw leaf wetness value
stored in the registry
[1 wire reader]
HB leaf4 value=

(check that)
gets converted to a leaf wetness value (0 to 15) depending on the leaf wetness threshholds that you can set in the 1 wire setup


Can not find :frowning:

[1 wire reader]
HB leaf4 value=

In the wdisplayftp.ini

are you sure you are searching in the registry with regedit.exe?


I was searching in the wrong place,

In the registry settings Leaf wetness 4 is showing 11
and the HB 1 wire reader is showing 11

The leaf wetness is correct showing 11 as I have put some water on the sensor

But the tag is showing 0

please see image

Thank you

as I posted above
you need to make sure you have the leaf wetness threasholds setup correct
in the 1 wire setup
ie that raw value then gets converted into 0 to 15 value


Yes I’ve done that and it is working from 0 to 15

The problem is the tag on the main page

Main window customise
show a custom label

Leaf wetness: %VPleaf4 %
It’s not corresponding to the data it always showing zero
It should be showing 11

Please see previous image I hope this makes sense


actually the leaf wetness threshold settings you set in the dallas1wirereader.exe program
(2nd tab)
check those threshold settings
and tweak as needed and save
(do that when WD is not running)

All set up , but cannot get any data on the
Tag %VPleaf4%

What tag should I use for leaf wetness
On channel 4?

Is only the tags

Thanks for your patience

not sure what you mean by no data on that tag?
you are getting a zero
which is the calculated value, depending on the leaf wetness thresholds you have set
post a screen shot of those,from the dallas1wirereader.exe program

(originally that is designed for a voltage reading though)